The Song of the Winns: The Spies of Gerander


By Frances Watts

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After discovering their parents are still alive and their homeland of Gerander is in danger, mouse triplets Alistair, Alice, and Alex, and their friend Tibby Rose, have joined the underground rebel organization FIG. In quick measure, FIG orders Alex and Alice go undercover in Souris to infiltrate Queen Eugenia’s palace while Alistair and Tibby Rose are sent to discover Gerander’s secret paths, which may be the key Gerandans need to triumph and for the triplets to rescue their parents.

Enemy spies, attacking eagles, and blizzarding mountaintops seem all the more challenging when there is a lack of good cheese available, but these four young mice respond with endless creativity and determination. Cheeky and entertaining, The Spies of Gerander is an action filled sequel to the first book in The Song of the Winns series, The Secret of the Ginger Mice.


  • Kirkus Reviews
    "A breathless plot . . . carr[ies] the resilient, endearing mice to a surprise ending. . . . An animated sequel that does not disappoint."
    Charlotte's Library blog
    “These books are very upper elementary friendly—the adventures are exciting, the plot twists and mysteries interesting, and the young mice are sympathetic characters. It's told lightly and briskly; serious matters are dealt with straightforwardly, but the truly dark happenings of this world, that the young mice are themselves only gradually become aware of, are off-page. Here's what I appreciated--the mice kids were kids, and behaved as such. They are smart and brave enough to make fine protagonists, but they were not preternaturally gifted! Here's what I also appreciated—there were good, kind people who happened to be in the enemy army. Yay for avoiding black and white dichotomies in fantasy for kids!”
    That's Another Story blog
    “This was an exciting adventure, with lots of plot twists and turns. I loved the distinctive personalities of the mice, and especially Alice's ingenious ways to get them out of sticky situations.”
    Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors blog
    “Full of warm, clean humor and whippet-quick wit, Frances Watts' new trilogy will effortlessly charm readers and adventurers alike.”
  • Midwest Book Review
    The Spies of Gerander has all the powerful attraction of other hero mice stories like The Secret of NIH and will lock down its middle school readers in a page turning marathon. There is something of the flavor of Watership Down in this epic fantasy full of mini-mice heroes and heroines, and even something extra in the piquant humor…A firmly established audience will be excited to devour this latest installment in a mini-mice epic fantasy.”

    Praise for The Song of the Winns, Book 1: The Secret of the Ginger Mice:

    Kirkus Reviews
    “These latest mouse heroes promise more ripping, gripping mystery and adventure.”

    Publishers Weekly
    "…a winning adventure…"

    School Library Journal
    “Narrow escapes and plot twists abound, with almost every chapter ending in a nail-biting cliff-hanger. The suspenseful tone and accessible, polished writing will doubtless keep readers turning the pages. The conclusion is thoroughly satisfying, yet it is clear that many more obstacles face these mice before their story truly comes to an end. Fans of Brian Jacques's "Redwall" series (Philomel) as well as action and adventure aficionados will devour this book and eagerly await the next installment in the series.”

    "Nicely sets the stage for book two

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Apr 23, 2013
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320 pages
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Frances Watts

About the Author

Frances Watts is an Australian children’s book author. She is the winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Eve Pownall Award for her book Parsley Rabbit’s Book About Books. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

David Francis began his career as an exhibiting artist, and his works are held in many collections. He illustrated the Australian CBC Honor Book Ten Little Known Facts About Hippopotamuses and collaborated with author Margaret Wild to create the much-loved Morris the Reinbear. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

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