People I Met at the Gates of Heaven

Who Is Going to Be There Because of You?


By Don Piper

With Cecil Murphey

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Picking up where bestselling 90 Minutes in Heaven left off, Don Piper reveals for the first time the sacred, intimate details of the people who met him at the gates of heaven and the profound impact they had on his faith on earth.

In this incredible follow-up to his eight-million-copy bestseller, 90 Minutes in Heaven, Don Piper shares untold stories about his encounters with people who greeted him at the gates of heaven, and offers powerful insights about the way for us to live our lives on earth.

Don Piper’s unforgettable account of a horrific car accident that took his life, and what happened next has riveted more than eight million readers. Something happened as he shared his story in the years since. Not only did Piper realize he had more to tell, he had yet to share the most sacred and intimate details of his time in heaven about the people who met him at the gates. “I have never left a speaking engagement without people wanting to know more,” he said.

In The People I Met in Heaven, Piper takes readers deeper into his experience, which includes never-before-told encounters with the people who met him when he arrived in heaven-those who helped him on his journey that led to the entrance to God’s heavenly home. Even more, Piper recounts the majesty of heaven and the glorious reunion that awaits us there. He offers practical insights, inspiration, and a challenging call that while we’re on earth we need to obey Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations.”


  • "In this long-awaited book, Don Piper reveals the people who met him at the gates of Heaven after his tragic near-fatal accident in 1989 and how those people helped him get there. He answers compelling questions about what Heaven will be like. But even more importantly he asks the timeless and urgent question: Who's going to be there because of you? It's a book about intentional personal sharing of our faith as we go about our daily lives. It's a clear call to populate Heaven! And do we ever need it now!"
    Michael W. Smith, multiple Grammy, American Music Award, Dove Award winning recording artist and composer
  • "People I Met at the Gates of Heaven will astound, strengthen and comfort you through Don Piper's extraordinary experience. We are so grateful that Mr. Piper chose to share his life story with all of us. Like 90 Minutes in Heaven, Michael and I were unable to put this book down. Our greatest hope at The Gate is to have the most beautiful reunion with the Pipers, as they have become family to us. Ultimately, this is a book about the importance of letting go of fear and accepting love."
    Kate Bosworth, film and television star with Michael Polish, film director, actor, and screen writer
  • "In this revealing sequel to his best-seller 90 Minutes in Heaven, Don Piper unveils even more personal insights of the encounter he experienced with those who greeted him at the gates of heaven. People I Met at the Gates of Heaven will inspire and challenge your own relationships with what matters most for eternity!"
    Kerry Shook, senior pastor of Woodlands Church, The Woodlands, TX, and best-selling co-author of One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life
  • "I've studied over 1000 cases of people who die or are near-death and return, and many speak of a heavenly welcoming committee. In his inspiring new book, Don vividly introduces us to those who welcomed him at the gates of heaven, answering many of our relational questions and motivating us to have a powerful impact on who will be there to welcome us one day."
    John Burke, Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Austin, Texas, New York Times best selling author, Imagine Heaven
  • "A clarion call for every believer who is striving to live with purpose, intentionality, and a conviction for a soul winning. More than any other generation before us, so many are seeking an answer to the age-old question, 'Does my life really matter?' Thankfully, because of Don Piper's courage to share the rest of his story with the world, the answer is crystal clear. No other book provides a more convincing case for genuine evangelism than People I Met At the Gates of Heaven: Who's Going to Be There Because of You? Readers will be reassured, then inspired to leave a legacy that will live on for eternity."
    Sergio de la Mora, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church of San Diego, Author of Paradox and The Heart Revolution
  • "When I was 15 years old, I met Don Piper and it changed my life, and this was four years before Don went to heaven! Don has touched millions of lives through 90 Minutes in Heaven and his subsequent books. In People I Met at the Gates of Heaven, Don takes you through the journey of his own conversion to Christianity and development of his faith framed by his miraculous visit to heaven. This book not only pays homage to those that so influenced Don in his Christian walk but also emphasizes the urgency for us to share the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A definite must read!"
    T Bradley Edwards, M.D., World-class Orthopedic shoulder surgeon, Fondren Orthopedic Group, Houston, Texas
  • "DON'T WAIT. That is what I thought about when I read Don's book. I tragically lost one of my best friends at 27 years old and when asked to eulogize him, I couldn't. I was too emotional and the idea of speaking about eternity at the time was frightening; because, I didn't know where either of us were going to spend eternity. That moment sent me to my knees, where I found the answer was in Jesus Christ. For the last 33 years of my life, I have made every effort to know my friends will meet me at the gate of heaven. Don's perspective is authentic, unique, and truly a treasure. My prayer is that this book will inspire you to make sure that you and your loved ones meet us at the gates of heaven."
    Mark Fincannon, Emmy Award winning motion picture casting director
  • "In Don Piper's new release, People I Met At the Gates of Heaven, Don shares the moving stories of people who met him when he arrived at Heaven's gates, and offers a stirring challenge to the reader to do everything we can during our time here on earth to make sure those close to us, as well as those we encounter only in passing, know of the incredible eternity that they can have in God's Presence. An engaging book that challenges us to personal evangelism, avoiding the 'guilt-driven' approach, and instead lovingly encouraging us to make sure everyone we know has an opportunity to join us in Heaven someday."
    Chuck Wallington, President, Christian Supply, Inc., Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • "Don Piper has done it again! Like any fine artist, he has created a masterpiece. In this book, heaven is his canvas. His brush strokes are the stories of those people who influenced his Christian journey and, therefore, paved his way to heaven's gates. These stories are sure to influence our own lives as Don emphasizes the importance that every Christian assist others to get from 'here' to 'there.' Don hands us a paint brush and says, 'Start painting.i Heaven is waiting for your masterpiece!"
    Harold Hendren, Senior Pastor, New Covenant United Methodist Church, The Villages, Florida
  • "People I Met At The Gates of Heaven gives us an intimate encounter of Don Piper's 90-minute visit there. For the first time, Don reveals who met him at the gates of Heaven and gives us a clear understanding of why they did. These individuals challenge us, as fellow Believers, to understand the serious responsibility we have as Christians. It implores us to contemplate our own eternity and confronts us about who we will greet as they enter Eternity. Read this book. It will change the way you love and serve others."
    Diana Wiley, Executive Director & Founder, True Vineyard Ministries, San Marcos, Texas
  • "This is the most important, compelling writing I have ever read on the issue of death and dying. Don Piper is God's gift to our generation. He literally died. He was sent back to us with encounters and insights which inspired this great work. I never realized before reading Don's book how important each life is to God's eternal picture. What the world calls death, God calls the beginning. This is a must read. Thank you, Don."
    Stan Cottrell, Guinness Book of Records World Distance Runner
  • "When I read 90 Minutes in Heaven, my mother had recently passed. This book brought comfort to both me and my father. A short time later, my Dad joined her. As I think of them today, I picture both of their smiling faces. I know WHERE they are and WHO they are with and I WILL see them again. I appreciate Don sharing People I met at the Gate. While it is personal, it is also both inspirational and confirming. We are saved to serve and tell others about Jesus and how he changed our lives. Half the battle is knowing. The other half is doing.There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Will we let those we love spend eternity in hell because we don't love them enough to tell them about Jesus? Thank you Don Piper for challenging us to tell our story."
    Paul Robbins, Founder and President, Viking Cold Solutions, Elder, First Christian Church of the Beaches, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • "In his long-awaited and much anticipated follow-up to his best-selling 90 Minutes in Heaven, author Don Piper brings readers deep into his personal and deeply touching experience at the gates of Heaven after dying in a car crash. In sharing the intimate details, he gives readers a glorious hope and profound longing for Heaven and gentle conviction to answer the question, 'Who will be in Heaven because of you?' His new book, People I Met At The Gates of Heaven. Who Is Going to Be There Because Of You?, is a must read that will convince you that everyone you meet is purposefully and masterfully placed there by God."
    Tonya Frye, Executive Director, Get Together Northwest, Cypress, Texas

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Don Piper

About the Author

Don Piper is a fifteen-year veteran of the Radio and Television broadcasting industry, an ordained minister for more than thirty-three years, a coauthor of four books that have sold more than nine million copies. (90 Minutes in Heaven spent four years on the New York Times bestsellers list.), the winner of the 2006 EPCA Platinum Award and the first-ever recipient the Retailers Choice Backlist Award in 2009. Don was the subject of a 2015 theatrical motion picture based on his bestselling book 90 Minutes in Heaven by Giving Films/Universal Studios Home Entertainment, a columnist for various newspapers, a sought-after contributor to a myriad of books, composing chapters, forewords, and prefaces, an on-camera and voice-over talent, with hundreds of radio and TV commercials to his credit. He lives with his wife in Pasadena, Texas.

Cecil Murphey has published 140 books, fiction and nonfiction. Murphey has received many awards for his writing, including: Golden Medallion, Foreword Bronze, Silver Angel Award twice, three-time winner of the Dixie Counsel of Authors and Journalists, Extraordinary Service Award from the American Society of Authors and Journalists, and Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association for his contributions to publishing. Cecil lives in Tucker, GA.

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