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Broken News

Why the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back

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Aug 22, 2023

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In this national bestseller, a former Fox News political editor reveals how news organizations have succumbed to the temptation of “rage revenue” through slanted coverage that drives political division and rewards outrageous conduct.
Rage revenue-addicted news companies are plagued by shoddy reporting, sensationalism, groupthink, and brain-dead partisan tribalism. Newsrooms rely on emotion-driven blabber to entrance conflict-addled super users.
In Broken News, Chris Stirewalt, celebrated as one of America’s sharpest political analysts in print and on television, employs his trademark wit and insight to give readers an inside look at these problems. He explains that these companies don’t reward bad journalism because they like it, but because it is easy and profitable.
Take it from Stirewalt: As a top editor and election forecaster on Fox News’ decision desk during the 2020 election, he knows firsthand what happens when viewers (including the president of the United States) become more accustomed to flattery and less willing to hear news that punctures their bubbles.
Broken News is a fascinating, deeply researched, conversation-provoking study of how the news is made and how it must be repaired, with surprising takeaways about who’s to blame. Stirewalt goes deep inside the history of the industry to explain how today’s media divides America for profit. And he offers practical advice for how everyday readers, listeners and viewers can (and should) become better news consumers for the sake of the republic.
This is a book for those who care about our country—and want the news to do the news again.

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"Stirewalt’s book is an often candid reflection on the state of political journalism and his time at Fox News, where such post-mortem assessments are not common..."—The New York Times
"One of America’s most experienced and exemplary journalists has written an unsparing analysis of the dreadful consequences -- for journalism and the nation -- of “how the news lost a race to the bottom with itself.” Readers of Stirewalt’s indispensable, mind-opening book-as-warning should remember this: There actually is no such thing as rock bottom."—George F. Will
"Chris Stirewalt is an ideal guide to what has happened to the news business because he doesn’t just hate what it has become, but also loves what it ought to be. Free of nostalgia or partisan vitriol, and full of insight, experience, and clear-eyed realism, this book is an essential guide to repairing American journalism."—Yuval Levin, author of A Time to Build
"A new book, Broken News by Chris Stirewalt, examines all the ways the industry has gone horribly wrong, and how to be a smarter news consumer. Fantastic read."—Julie Mason, SiriusXM host
"Everyone needs to read Chris Stirewalt to understand how a broken media fans the flames of our broken politics."—Spencer Cox, Governor of Utah
"Stirewalt’s book is both a critique of the media and a rebuke of his former employer and Trump. He spares no one…He provides plenty of food for thought."—The Guardian
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