Let's Bake Bread!

A Family Cookbook to Foster Learning, Curiosity, and Skill Building in Your Kids

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By Bonnie Ohara

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Celebrate the surprisingly joyous intersection of baking and learning in a family cookbook from the bestselling author of Bread Baking for Beginners
Bonnie Ohara is an entrepreneurial baker and author of the bestseller, Bread Baking for Beginners, which answered so many readers’ needs for a baking bible during the pandemic. She is also a homeschooling mother of three, a naturally gifted teacher with a keen and creative take on how to turn a practical activity, like baking, into a valuable educational experience. Which is the unique promise of Let’s Bake Bread!—a cookbook for families with kids ages three and up filled with delicious, foundational, foolproof recipes for baking that double as teaching opportunities for everything from organization and sensory awareness to history, science, math, and nutrition.
            Starting with a soft, enriched and very forgiving “cloud” dough, Let’s Bake Bread! coordinates both its recipes and lessons for a baker’s age and experience, with annotations for the parents helping in the kitchen. Kids three and up will quickly be making Snail Rolls, On the Run Energy Buns, and Fluffy French Milk Bread—and Raspberry Jam to go with it—all the while improving their fine motor skills and learning organization and patience. Within a few years, they’ll be tackling a leaner “adventure” dough—perfect for pizza, focaccia, and flatbreads—with lessons that focus on the seasons and include weather observation and journaling. Next up, breads around the world—pita, naan, tortillas, and more—with insights on history and culture, culminating, for kids twelve and up, in the holy grail for all home bakers, sourdough.
            Baking with your kids, even just a couple of times a month, instills lessons in patience and mindfulness while modeling critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Not to mention teaching, say, division and multiplication in such tangible ways that they’ll stick forever. And, at the end of the day, there’s delicious bread to enjoy! What could be better?


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Oct 17, 2023
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Bonnie Ohara

Bonnie Ohara

About the Author

Bonnie Ohara is a self-taught baker and homeschooling mother to three children. Ohara runs Alchemy Bread, a cottage bakery based in her home in Modesto, California, where she also teaches bread baking classes. She is the author of Bread Baking for Beginners, which was published in 2018. Find her on Instagram @alchemybread.

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