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Atlas of Lost Cities

Atlas of Lost Cities

A Travel Guide to Abandoned and Forsaken Destinations

Explore more than forty forsaken urban destinations around the world with an acclaimed journalist in a “highly entertaining read … for history buffs, mystery fanatics and travel junkies alike” says GoNomad. Like humans, cities are mortal. They are born, they thrive, and they eventually die. In Atlas of Lost Cities, travel writer Aude de Tocqueville tells the compelling narrative of the rise and fall of such notable places as Pompeii, Teotihuacán, and Angkor. Further, she takes you to lesser known places, including Centralia, a nearly abandoned Pennsylvania town consumed by unquenchable underground fire; Nova Citas de Kilamba in Angola, where housing, schools, and stores were built for 500,000 people who never came; and Epecuen, a tourist town in Argentina that was swallowed up by water. Original illustrations throughout help armchair travelers imagine the location as intended, at its pinnacle.
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Genre: Nonfiction / History / Historical Geography

On Sale: April 5th 2016

Price: $24.99 / $32.49 (CAD)

Page Count: 144

ISBN-13: 9780316352024

What's Inside

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"Features well-known lost cities like Pompeii and Angkor, but also explores lesser-known, but similarly majestic places.... Each destination is accompanied by an account of its history and mythology, and a beautifully detailed illustration by Karin Doering-Froger."—Atlas Obscura
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"For history buffs, mystery fanatics, and travel junkies alike, The Atlas of Lost Cities is a highly entertaining read filled with stories of the world's forgotten destinations."—GoNomad
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"[A] eulogy for ancient and modern cities that fell to crises both man-made and natural. The illustrations depict the cities before their nadir-somewhere between thriving and decimation."—
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Meet The Author: Aude de Tocqueville

Aude de Tocqueville, a cultural heritage and history buff, has written numerous works on Paris and French history. Her book History of Adulterywon the Grand Prix des Lectrices by Elle.

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