When an army of giant robot AIs threatens to devastate Earth, a virtuoso pianist becomes humanity's last hope in this bold, lightning-paced, technicolor space opera series from the author of A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe.

Jazz pianist Gus Kitko expected to spend his final moments on Earth playing piano at the greatest goodbye party of all time, and maybe kissing rockstar Ardent Violet, before the last of humanity is wiped out forever by the Vanguards–ultra-powerful robots from the dark heart of space, hell-bent on destroying humanity for reasons none can divine.

But when the Vanguards arrive, the unthinkable happens–the mecha that should be killing Gus instead saves him. Suddenly, Gus's swan song becomes humanity's encore, as he is chosen to join a small group of traitorous Vanguards and their pilots dedicated to saving humanity. 

What's Inside

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"Evangelion by way of David Bowie – visceral, big-hearted, and ready to rock your world"—Emily Skrutskie, author of Bonds of Brass
"Emotionally complex and mind-blisteringly weird, this novel kept surprising me at every turn. It's like a beautifully-orchestrated disco space battle, and I never wanted it to end"
 —Annalee Newitz, Lambda Award winning author of Autonomous and Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age
"For fans of music, mayhem, and truly epic space opera, August Kitko and the Mechas from Space is a wild ride that starts with the end of the world and only gets better from there"
 —K.B. Wagers, author of Hold Fast Through the Fire
White's tale of justice and vengeance sends the series out on a high note with electrifying action sequences, depth, and darkness. This thrilling finale will have readers on the edges of their seats.—Publishers Weekly (starred) on The Worst of All Possible Worlds
Fast, compelling, epic in scope, with stakes that just keep getting higher and tension that mounts and mounts to the breaking point. A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy is excellently paced, with engaging characters and worldbuilding that crams as much fun cool shit in as seems remotely possible. It's a deeply enjoyable ride. I recommend it and its predecessor heartily.—Locus on A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy
[T]his ambitious start...combines magic and space opera to create a fast-paced adventure with charismatic characters and formidable enemies in a realized universe of greed and power."
 —Booklist on A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe
A clever fusion of magic and sci-fi makes this book a total blast. I was hooked from page one.
 —V. E. Schwab, New York Times bestselling author on A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe
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