Storey – Corrections: Knit Baby Head and Toes!

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Corrections: Knit Baby Head and Toes!

Baby Beret

Page 32 – Worsted Weight Version: Bottom, Needles
One set #5 (3.75mm) dp needlesOne set #6 (4mm) dp needles.

Page 34 – Knitting the Top of the Hat
Change to dp needles (see column at right) #3 #3 #6 #6.

Felted Flapped Derby

Page 44 – Knitting the Earflaps
Delete (7 ridges) in all columns for Row 6Rows 7-15: Knit to end of each row. 7 ridges 7 ridges 7 ridges.

Lettuce-Edge Booties

Page 95 – Knitting the Foot
Row 2: Knit to end of needle, then pick up and K8 along right side of instep. Slip the stitches from the remaining stitch holder onto the empty needle and knit them. You will have 36 sts 46 sts.

Puppy Slippers

Page 96 – Yarn:
Medium: 85 yds (77m) mc (brown), 1yd (1m) cc A (red), 40 yds (36m) cc B (black)

Felted Slipper Socks

Page 107 – Knitting the Sides
Round 4For small size: K18, (K2tog, K1) 2 times, K2tog, K18. You now have 41 sts.For medium size: K22, (K2tog, K1, K2tog) 2 times, K2tog, K22. You now have 51 sts.For large size: K27, (K2tog, k1) 4 times, K2tog, K27. You now have 63 sts.