Mitch Lowe

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Mitch Lowe was a founding executive at Netflix, where he served as Entertainment Domain Expert and as Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Alliances from 1998 to 2003. In 2003 Mitch joined the investment group at McDonald’s to co-lead as COO and then as President, at Redbox, the DVD vending machine rental service that under his leadership grew to 35,000 kiosks across the U.S. with revenue growing from less than $1M in 2003 to $1.5B in revenue in 2011. Lowe became CEO of MoviePass in 2016, a movie theater subscription service that acquired three million subscribers in eight months.

Lowe has also invested in start-ups in the entertainment, blockchain, and social spaces. As a speaker, he has presented to audiences as large as 7,000 around the world, and was ranked by BigSpeak in their top 5 most-booked speakers of 2019. Lowe has since been delivering keynotes online, where audiences from Dell to SAP to Microsoft have asked him to address the changing role of innovation and leadership in our “new normal.” His media appearances include Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NPR, Variety, Vice, and The Wall Street Journal. He lives in Miami Beach.

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