Merrill Hagan

About the Author

Merrill Hagan is a writer for television, film, comic books, and video games. He is the Executive Story Editor on the upcoming Netflix series Daniel Spellbound and his credits include Teen Titans Go, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Love Monster, Polly Pocket, Danger Mouse, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law.

Kristen Tafoya Humphrey is a marketing professional who has written shorts for GoNoodle, the SyFy Network, and the Adventure Time / Immortals: Fenyx Rising crossover cartoon.

Abigail Starling is an illustrator, comic artist, and merchandise designer. She loves drawing stories with cute, colorful characters, such as Aggretsuko, Gudetama, Sonic the Hedgehog, and My Little Pony. She's passionate about cats, baking sweets, and character figurines.

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