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7 Magical Novels About Witches


Witches have always been a staple of the fantasy genre. Who can forget some of the iconic witches who’ve appeared throughout pop culture, like the Wicked Witch of the West, or Sabrina, or Morgan LeFay? They come in so many shapes, sizes, and moral alignments. Whether you’re looking for the good, the bad, the beautiful, the grotesque, or even those who never call themselves by the word but certainly earn the title, these books about witches will satisfy any magical itch you need to scratch.

A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan


Author Louisa Morgan touches on the deeply feminist history of witches with a novel that centers a single magical family with a tumultuous history. In this world, magic and its craft are passed down from mother to daughter. When matriarch Ursule dies, her magic seems to die along with her. But when a young witch of the latest generation joins the family’s bond, she renews the magic and its legacy. Told throughout history and between family members with an unbreakable bond, A Secret History of Witches meditates on notions of family, heritage, and love.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor


Sometimes called the Nigerian Harry Potter, Akata Witch is so much more than that. A children’s novel that expertly addresses big topics with ease, Akata Witch brings fresh characters and settings to a timeless tale. Twelve-year-old Sunny is albino and American-born living in Nigeria, and therefore ostracized and bullied by her peers. But it all changes when she meets a group of friends who accept her as an equal and show her the magic that she can conjure from her very fingertips. As a dangerous killer takes the lives of those around them, Sunny and her friends must work to become strong enough to stop him… before it’s too late.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness


Now an acclaimed television series, A Discovery of Witches starts off the All Souls Trilogy that took the world by storm. Do you like to get lost in old libraries, or have a love for other magical creatures like vampires and daemons? If so, this trilogy is for you. Diana Bishop is a magically inclined scholar who just wants to be normal. But when she discovers a magical book among the stacks of Oxford’s library, normal is the furthest thing from what she becomes.

The House of Erzulie by Kirsten Imani Kasai


The magic of this novel is based on the real culture of New Orleans vodou, a spiritual practice that still lives to this day. Modern-day historian Lydia stumbles upon an old collection of letters and journal entries by a couple in the 1850s. They begin to reveal a chilling story of their dissolving marriage at the hands of a scorned vodou practitioner, and Lydia herself starts to experience supernatural effects due to reading their haunting words. Eloquent and eerie, this novel will stick with you for weeks after.

The Witch’s Kind by Louisa Morgan


What?! Another book by Louisa Morgan? The answer is yes, and for good reason. This new release tells a brand new story in the Pacific Northwest after World War II. Barrie Anne and her aunt Charlotte live in a small coastal community, and mostly keep to themselves. But when both a mysterious, magical baby and Barrie Anne’s long lost husband arrive, their quiet lives are about to be a lot less quiet.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco


This dark fantasy focuses on “bone witch” Tea, who has a feared and unique gift for necromancy. But this gift goes terribly wrong when she accidentally conjures her brother back from the dead. In order to control and understand her new powers, she leaves her home to learn the teachings of another bone witch. There, she realizes that she must overcome any obstacles in her way very quickly, before dark forces threaten to endanger all she holds dear.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman


The basis for the movie of the same name, this bestselling novel tells the story of the Owens sisters. Gillian and Sally are a part of a long line of women blamed for any bad thing that happens in their New England town. Naturally, they want to escape their seemingly bad-luck heritage and their creepy aunts that do nothing to dispel the rumors of witchcraft. But an invisible force bonds them to each other and to their legacy, an invisible force you might call… magic.