7 Books about Women of Art History

With much of history, women are usually left out of the story—but not in these excellent books about the women of art history. From a tragic Baroque painter and the letters of Frida Kahlo to the powerful street art by a woman who was sick and tired of street harassment, we’ve covered the gamut of art history from the women’s perspective. Get ready for some powerful life stories and some stunningly gorgeous art.


You Are Always With Me: Letters to Mama by Frida Kahlo, Héctor Jaimes

Frida Kahlo is one of Mexico’s greatest painters, with a signature style and beautiful life story. In You Are Always With Me, read the candid, handwritten letters she wrote to her mother, translated from Spanish by Héctor Jaimes. The letters began in 1923 when Kahlo was 16, and continued until her mother died in 1932. She told her mother about her life, her marriage, and her art, with humor and honesty. The book includes photographs and paintings alongside Kahlo’s loving letters.

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