Open Book Interview: Bunny Michael

Bunny Michael (they/them) is a multi-disciplinary queer Mexican/Samoan artist and influencer who has inspired an audience of 230k Instagram followers to discover their Higher Self. What began as a viral meme series on Instagram has now expanded to a multi-platform experience. Bunny’s new podcast, XO Higher Self, charted in the top 100 Apple Podcasts in Self Improvement, and they are currently producing, writing and starring in an upcoming web series, What Would Higher Self Do? Bunny has been a featured guest on popular podcasts including The Mind Rolling Podcast (part of Ram Dass’ Be Here Now Network) and The Spiritually Sassy Show (hosted by Sah D’Simone). Bunny was also chosen by Instagram to take part in their Creators Program and partnered with the social media platform’s Anti Bullying Guide, Mental Health Awareness Month Campaign, and Voting Registration Initiative.  In 2018 Bunny landed a role on HBO’s hit show High Maintenance, and was the host of Broadly Hotline, a digital series on Vice where Bunny interviewed celebrities such as Joey King and Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown on self-care and mental health. Bunny’s work has also been featured in The New York Times, Huffpo, Paper Magazine, Dazed & Confused, and ID.

For fans of Yung Pueblo and Nicole LePera, this inclusive guide to radical self-love provides a path to joy and acceptance, from podcast host and artist Bunny Michael.

Building from Bunny’s viral memes, Hello Higher Self Is a self-care manifesto, calling on readers to radically shift their perspectives from the Learned Hierarchal Beliefs (LHBs) we’ve all internalized to the self-acceptance we were born into, aka our Higher Selves. This book shines a light into eighteen areas of life where LHBs often lurk—from creativity, to work, to relationships, to race, to sexual pleasure. Bunny’s mix of meditative advice, written exercises, and personal examples make for a jaw-dropping read.   

Hello Higher Self offers the dose of radical self-compassion we all need and serves as a potent reminder that we are enough. Bunny Michael offers us a powerful invitation to dismantle the harmful beliefs society imposes on us and embrace our true and lasting worth. This is a must read.”—Yung Pueblo, New York Times bestselling author of Inward, Clarity & Connection, and The Way Forward.

Some of my biggest “rejections” in life taught me that my authenticity is my greatest asset. Because all I can be is me. Take it or leave it. And I that’s all I have control over. When I create art or writing I don’t focus on it being “good”. I try to stay present and trust that whatever comes out is a snippet of that moment in time and it’s valid because it’s my experience. Everyone’s voice matters, including mine. And in that way writing is empowering and humbling because I am not special.

The Myth of Normal by Gabor Mate because it was incredibly life changing to read and so healing.

@LeenaDog because she is so funny and I try to make social media as enjoyable as possible.