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The odds were stacked against Scout Bassett in almost every way imaginable: a terrible fire resulted in a botched leg amputation, a childhood in a Chinese government-run orphanage made her feel like a prisoner, and teenage years spent grappling with her own identity opened her to bullying and discrimination. But today she is a gold medalist and world-record holding sprinter, long jumper, and Paralympian. If there’s one thing we can learn from her story, luck is what you make of it.  

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Scout Bassett

About the Author

Scout Bassett started playing sports at a young age as a way to assimilate into American culture. She tried basketball, softball, golf, and tennis before competitively racing in track & field. She is now an American sprinter and long jumper, holding seven national championship titles. In 2016 she represented the United States at the Paralympic Games in Rio, and in 2017 she was a World Championship medalist. In addition to her career as a professional athlete, Scout is an ambassador for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a Women’s Sports Foundation board member, and serves on the Gatorade Women’s Advisory Board. She was a guest star on Project Runway, and has appeared in numerous campaigns for brands like Nike, Citi, Procter & Gamble, Bridgestone Tires, SKIMS, and more.

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