A practical step‑by‑step methodology for nurturing and sustaining our intimate relationships through first focusing on self, extending to partners, and the world

We can apply the law of attraction, love languages, and every hack in the world. We can do all the yoga, spa days, workshops, and retreats we can make time for. But without an underpinning of intimacy, our experience of ourselves is soft and dreamy and lacks the kind of specificity necessary to truly know ourselves through and through. With intimacy as the foundational principle of our existence, we can build a life based on what we truly need, not what have been told we need, think we need, or what we think we should need. No matter who you are and who you like to have sex with, my intention is to arm you with a new toolkit and consciousness for cultivating the deeply connected relationships you desire and the life you deserve. 
Zoe Kors draws on her experience as an intimacy coach, workshop leader and sex and relationships writer, sharing her powerful—and practical—step‑by‑step methodology for nurturing and sustaining our intimate relationships over time. It addresses the essential truth that is almost universally missed in discussions of sex and intimacy: We can meet each other only to the extent that we can meet ourselves. Kors guides the reader on a five‑part journey through nine areas of opportunity for deepening intimacy with themselves, their partner, and their world, inviting them to embrace emotional, physical, and energetic self‑mastery, which is required to skillfully relate with others. Voice-driven, accessible—with the right amount of tough love—Radical Intimacy rewrites the rules (and The Rules) by: 
  • Introducing the concept of “Energetic Intimacy” as a real thing. I talk about concepts like presence and energy, in a way that is accessible and makes sense to the mainstream market (not woo-woo!)
  • Defining and busting “The Attachment Myth”—my term for the rampant and erroneous belief that women emotionally attach to their sexual partners—rewriting the common narrative, giving women freedom and agency to own their embodied sexuality without guilt or shame.
  • Shifting the vocabulary around sex and intimacy to feel real, organic, and unapologetic by speaking with ease and confidence about sex and sexuality—no euphemisms, no air quotes, no beating around the bush (so to speak).
  • Telling the truth that sex is not effortless. Great sex is cultivated over time through practice. 
  • Evangelizing intimacy as an ongoing and life-altering practice that happens not just between two people, but on an individual level first.
  • Dismantling porn-culture’s stronghold on the misperception of women’s bodies and sexuality so that we may respect, revere, and fall love with women (and ourselves) for the magical and varied creatures we are.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Zoë is channeling all of her wisdom, passion, pain and pleasure into this work, and, as a result, it's thoroughly authentic and unique.”—Ian Kerner, bestselling author of She Comes First
“If Esther Perel and Glennon Doyle had a love child who was raised by Pema Chödrön, you would end up with Zoë Kors.”—Katie Brauer, The Yoga Professional
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