Roads to Quoz

Roads to Quoz

An American Mosey

About a quarter century ago, a largely unknown wanderer named William Least Heat-Moon wrote a book called Blue Highways. It was a travel book like no other, a book that revealed its author to be a chronicler of rare linguitic genius and empathy, a listener who knew that the small places can offer the biggest surprises. Heat-Moon, wrote one reader, was a travel writer as Faulkner was a country historian. Road to Quoz is Heat-Moon’s long-awaited return to America’s back roads. It is a lyrical, funny, and magisterially told chronicle of American passage, a journey into the heart of a nation almost desperate for meaning beyond consumerism and self-absorption, a book that invites readers to “discover America anew.” (Christian Science Monitor).
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Genre: Travel / Travel / Essays & Travelogues

On Sale: November 11th 2009

Price: $16.99

Page Count: 608

ISBN-13: 9780316067515

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