The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God


By Vashti McKenzie

Read by Vashti McKenzie

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THE BIG DEAL… shows how to develop a stronger relationship with God and more effective spiritual lifestyle by taking small steps that lead to big changes.
Been running for Jesus a long time
(I’m not tired yet)

Been singing for Jesus a long time
(I’m not tired yet)

Been running by day and praying by night
(I’m not tired yet)

I’ve gotta get going, it’s a mighty hard fight
(No…I’m not tired yet)

I’ve been serving God a long time
(I’m not tired yet)

I’ve been living for God a long time
(I’m not tired yet)

I’ve been praying to the Lord a long time
(I’m not tired yet)
It’s an uphill journey but all I’ve got to say is
(I’m not tired yet)

The old spiritual song lifts you, but you are tired. Or maybe you’re bored. You’re still going to church. You’re still praying. You’re still serving. You’re still giving. Deep within you, faith remains. But you feel a longing.

You’re not seeking fireworks. You’re not a pew-sitter, safe in some spiritual comfort zone, looking for a thrill from the Lord. Your trust in God is secure. But you feel a longing for something more, deeper, fresher.

If you’ve ignored these innermost feelings thinking they’re no big deal, this basic yet dynamic program that Bishop Vashti McKenzie has implemented in more than two hundred churches with astounding results is for you. Individuals who have had many years of Christian life discovered a renewed sense of calling and purpose. Even new believers were invigorated in their faith-building process.

Bishop McKenzie prescribes very small changes-such as adding a mere thirty seconds of prayer daily-that lead to radical closeness to God. And building an enjoyable, meaningful relationship with the Almighty doesn’t mean striving for perfection. Small steps-but meaningful steps-collectively evolve into intimacy with God. And the big deal result is greater ability to biblically address life challenges. The big deal is that you’re even more available to serve family, church, and community: truly in “no ways tired.” Increasing spirituality is incremental, not monumental. Mustard-seed-like increases in positive actions (and corresponding decreases in negative ones) yield mountain-moving growth!

  • "Bishop Vashti McKenzie amidst the many organizational demands as the first female Bishop of the AME church, still takes time as the Christian soldier she is, to give both profound and practical tools to guide the sheep to the brook of still waters. Her words are penned to guide us all to the cool waters of real discipleship!

    Her inclusive approach refuses to leave behind those sheep tied in the thicket! It's a must read."
    Bishop T. D. Jakes, C.E.O. of TDJ Enterprises and New York Times bestselling author
  • "These anointed pages provide an understanding that 'change is a process' covered by God's grace and mercy. During times like these, Bishop McKenzie reveals as we work to be our better selves, we may fall down and subsequently rise from the fall. With the realities of life, she pragmatically writes about falling down again. Her accepting words provide encouragement for moving beyond the unintended second, third and other falls. She makes the case, that with each fall we are enlightened to do and be better, causing each fall, its, pain, and the aftermath to lessen. Bishop McKenzie gives the prescription in this book of changing for the better. Bishop McKenzie has offered spiritual words to Presidents of the United States and now we are given similar words. Thank You Bishop McKenzie for your ministry and this wonderful inspiration."
    April Ryan, White House Correspondent, American Urban Radio Networks
  • "Bishop McKenzie's deep and winsome words bring us closer to God. This book gives us the practical means toward a profound end - intimacy with God. Its wisdom is simple enough for the new and memorable enough for the experienced.Thank you, Bishop McKenzie, for using your life to lead us all closer to Christ. I love this book!"
    Dr. Joel C. Hunter, Senior PastorNorthland, A Church Distributed

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Vashti McKenzie

About the Author

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie serves as bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. She is the national chaplain for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Ebony Magazine included her in its Honor Roll of Great African American Preachers and The Huffington Post honored her as one of 50 Powerful Women Religious Leaders. Described as an “electrifying preacher” she is the author of five books. She has been married for more than forty years to former NBA player, Stan McKenzie. They are the parents of three adult children and have one grandchild.

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