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How the Media Got Cozy With Power, Abandoned Its Principles, and Lost the People

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America’s corporate news media is less trusted than ever – and for good reason. How did we get here? And what’s the real story behind this embarrassing mess?
The fourth estate is supposed to be a conduit to the people and a check on power. Instead, we have a bunch of geographically isolated, introspection-free, cozy-with-power, egomaniacal journalists thirsty for elite approval. 
No one understands these problems (and people) better than Steve Krakauer, one of America’s sharpest media critics. He has spent years getting to know some of the most influential players in the industry. This fascinating book is what he’s learned — and why every American should care.
In Uncovered, Krakauer gives readers an extended peek behind the curtain of the media challenges in America today. The book dives deep into some of the most important and egregious examples of the elite censorship collusion racket, like how tech suppression and media fear led to the New York Post-Hunter Biden email debacle before the 2020 election. Krakauer takes readers inside CNN after the shock Trump election, inside the New York Times after the Tom Cotton op-ed backlash, inside ESPN after the shift away from sports-only coverage, and more – revealing never-before-seen details about the press over the past five years.
Krakauer pulls from his own experience as a former CNN executive and through dozens of exclusive on-the-record interviews with media members in and around the industry–from Tucker Carlson and others at Fox News, to journalists at the New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN.

This is a rational, independent (and fun) inside look at the broken news industry in America – assessing where everything went wrong, and how to fix it. This is not an “I hate the media” book. Krakauer loves the media and wants it to be better. But it has a long way to go, and admitting the problems is the first step. In Uncovered, the long road back to trust and relevance begins.

Meet The Author: Steve Krakauer

Steve Krakauer is a journalist and media critic who has worked at CNN, Fox News, NBC and TheBlaze. He authors the Fourth Watch media newsletter, hosts the Fourth Watch Podcast, and is the executive producer of The Megyn Kelly Show. He first covered the media as a TV writer and editor at TVNewser, and Mediaite, where he was a founding editor. He lives in Dallas, with his wife and two kids.

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"Steve Krakauer's new book, Uncovered, is vital reading. It's the best and most perceptive deep dive into legacy media bias out there, from someone who knows where all the bodies are buried."—Ben Shapiro
“Very few TV critics are smarter than the people they cover, not that it’s a high bar. But Steve Krakauer definitely is. He’s a joy to read, and so is this book.”—Tucker Carlson
"Journalism was my first love, and Steve reminds me of why I fell for it in the first place. As practitioners, journalists need to keep the flame alive by being more curious, better listeners, and less anxious about likes on social media. And as citizens, we need to order more than a salad on a first date — there’s a whole buffet out there to consume. Steve is correctly concerned about the relationship between reporters and readers. He believes the relationship is worth saving and shows us how and why we should work on it."—Dana Perino, Fox News host and former White House press secretary
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