Giraffe Math


By Stephen Swinburne

Illustrated by Geraldo Valério

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Enter the world of giraffes, math, and science in this informative picture book that introduces important STEM concepts through the animal kingdom’s most beloved gentle giants, for fans of Ten Magic Butterflies and Zero the Hero.
Twiga the giraffe introduces young readers to fascinating facts about giraffes and their relationship to other creatures—all by using math concepts such as measurements, graphs, shapes, word problems, and more.  

Readers will learn: 
– That a giraffe’s hooves are as large as a medium-sized pizza
– That their heart can pump up to 16 gallons of blood through their body every minute 
– And that giraffes can run up to 31 miles per hour – and they weigh over 4,000 pounds!  
This interactive picture book explores important STEM concepts through fun details about these spectacular animals—from the top of their ossicones to the bottom of their hooves. Back matter includes a glossary of terms, a map of giraffe geography, and a giraffe quiz to test kids’ knowledge.

  • Praise for Giraffe Math:
    A CBC-NSTA Best STEM Book
    A CBC Librarian Favorite

    "An interesting combination of information about giraffes and mathematical connections to this majestic animal. Twiga the giraffe guides readers through different giraffe facts starting with height and weight using U.S. measuring standards (feet, inches, pounds) and making connections between the tallest land animal and an average third grader along with other animals…. Giraffes are truly amazing creatures and the math connections in this work are interesting and well presented."
    School Library Journal

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Aug 22, 2023
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Stephen Swinburne

About the Author

Stephen R. Swinburne is a naturalist as well as the author of over thirty books for young readers on the subjects of animals and nature, including Lots and Lots of Zebra StripesSafe in a Storm, and Unbreakable Beaks. An accomplished photographer and musician, Steve visits over fifty schools each year and gives book presentations on wildlife and conservation. 

Geraldo Valério was born in Brazil, where he received a bachelor of arts in drawing, followed by a master of arts at New York University. He is the illustrator of many highly acclaimed books for children and the creator of My Book of Butterflies, My Book of Birds, and Busy, Busy Birds. His work has been published in Canada, Brazil, Portugal, France, the UK, and China. Geraldo lives in Toronto, Ontario, and invites you to visit him on Instagram @geraldovalerioillustration or online at 

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