A seamstress who stitches magic into clothing finds herself torn between loyalty to her brother and her secret love for a nobleman in this debut fantasy inspired by the French Revolution.

In a time of revolution, everyone must take a side.

Sophie, a dressmaker and charm caster, has lifted her family out of poverty with a hard-won reputation for beautiful ball gowns and discreetly embroideredspells. A commission from the royal family could secure her future — and thrust her into a dangerous new world.

Revolution is brewing. As Sophie’s brother, Kristos, rises to prominence in the growing anti-monarchist movement, it is only a matter of time before their fortunes collide.

When the unrest erupts into violence, she and Kristos are drawn into a deadly magical plot. Sophie is torn — between her family and her future.

What's Inside

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"One of the best novels I've read this year! Torn is masterfully written -- full of fascinating politics and compelling characters in a vividly rendered, troubled city. Sophie is a believable, layered, and wonderful heroine; her journey from ordinary to extraordinary is a joy to read. I absolutely loved this book!"—Sarah Beth Durst
"Torn challenges readers to thoughtfully consider all sides of social change by humanizing each perspective. Readers interested in classic fantasy, feminism, adventure, and a bit of romance will enjoy this thought-provoking book."—Booklist
"Miller weaves a fresh, richly textured world full of magic-stitched ball gowns and revolutionary pamphlets. The vivid, complex setting and deeply human characters make for an absorbing read!"—Melissa Caruso
"A gorgeous weave of romantic fantasy and urgent politics."—Anna Smith Spark
"Miller places immigrant ambition and women's lives at the heart of her magical tale of politics and revolution. I was utterly enchanted by this unique, clever and subtly fierce fantasy."—Tasha Suri
"A delight, woven through with rich detail. Magic, sewing, and an achingly good romance -- what's not to love? A deeply satisfying read. I'm dying for the next one!"—Alexandra Rowland
"Miller deftly weaves a thrilling tale of revolution and turmoil in a complex fantasy world."—Cass Morris
"Real stakes combined with a clever, unique magic system."—B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog
"Strong research, moral ambiguities, and an innovative magic system."—Kirkus
Highly recommend.... Fun, excitement, and magic all sewn into one amazing story.—The Speculative Herald
"Impossible to put down. I will be impatiently awaiting the sequel."—Books, Vertigo & Tea
"Positively enchanting.... I loved every page!"—Powder & Page
"[A] wonderful debut."—BookPage
"A joy to read.... Found myself swept away into the world and character."—Tenacious Reader
"I thoroughly enjoyed this story, especially the touch of magic added by the spell-casting through sewing.... The characters were well written, and the twist at the end is perfectly believable."—The Qwillery
"Deep, socially aware fantasy, plus a very cool magical system."—Deborah Ross
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The Unraveled Kingdom