Part memoir, part manifesto, part magical guide, Get Rooted shares how a corporate media maven, Latinx leader, and Emmy‑nominated TV host became a modern‑day curandera, rooting back into her true essence, and how you can do the same.

“Today, I am a practicing curandera and life coach. My spiritual maestra tells me a healer is always healing. So, I continue on my path and find deep joy in working with clients to heal their sustos, reclaim their confidence, and get rooted in their lives, guiding them with the principles and practices I learned from my own mystical journey. To go on this journey in soul retrieval, I didn't have to move to the mountains of Mexico, and I didn't leave my family to go live with medicine women. I rediscovered my essence from my humble house in the Hudson Valley, near New York City. And while I did leave my full‑time job to work from home, anyone can learn how to get rooted from exactly where you are. Regardless of your background or beliefs, the gifts and lessons in Get Rooted are for you.”
Robyn Moreno had always been a spiritual seeker, lighting candles to la Virgen de Guadalupe while simultaneously studying Eastern religions and philosophies. But while she learned loads of wisdom, she hadn't heard anyone talk about modern‑day curandera practices. Why was no one talking about generational trauma? Or sharing practices native to their lineage? And most importantly, why didn't she know the medicine of her own ancestors? After all, her great‑grandmother was a curandera. For decades, Mexican Americans and Latinxs have been encouraged–and forced–to assimilate. In the process, they have lost their medicine, language, and history. Robyn’s profound realization of all this came crashing in after a full-on, mid-life meltdown comprised of that all-too-typical working mom tightrope walk that so many women around the world face, coupled with painful family drama that  made it all even more complicated, confusing and heart-achy. Robyn began to see the many things she had lost—and desperately wanted reclaim. Starting by unpacking sustos—soul losses—she set on a journey to root back into her culture and learn the medicine of her Mexican grandmothers. Based in Aztec and Mayan traditions and a 260‑day cycle that signifies creation and growth Robyn dove into a healing practice focused on susto, and the concept of finding ser—your true essence.
In the spirit of the classic Women Who Run with the Wolves, and told in a voice that is riveting, real, empathetic, and joyous, Get Rooted not only shares Robyn's journey of reclamation, it also shares the healing practices she learned and developed and now shares with woman across the world.

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