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Thoughtful Gardening

Thoughtful Gardening

“Undoubtedly the best gardening book for the past 30 years–provocative, full of information, witty and very funny” —Financial Times

An award-winning historian of antiquity, Robin Lane Fox is also one of Britain’s foremost gardening experts, and in Thoughtful Gardening he takes readers on a varied and highly enjoyable journey through each season of the gardening year. From a tender eulogy for one of his landscape design mentors to a candid consideration of global warming’s effects on his lupins or the perfect shrub to grow in shade along a path, Fox brings his trademark wit, wisdom, and charm to bear on the art and experience of gardening. Essential reading for anyone planting a new garden or taking stock of one after several years, this collection offers valuable critiques of horticultural trends and traditions, and essential insights into gardening practices and philosophies. Taken together these essays form-season by season-a rich reflection on the lessons, challenges, and absurdities of life with a green thumb.
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Genre: Nonfiction / Gardening / Essays & Narratives

On Sale: November 9th 2010

Price: $9.99

Page Count: 384

ISBN-13: 9780465022939

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As the venerated gardening columnist for Britain's Financial Times, acclaimed author, and Garden Master at Oxford University, the acerbic, intuitive, and erudite Fox trots out his own well-honed appreciation for specific cultivars, shares his frustrations with stealthy squirrels and belligerent badgers, and dishes on horticultural divas from Nancy Lancaster to Christopher Lloyd in a seasonal collection of expressive essays in which he travels the world, from his own cozy Cotswold garden to Yves Saint Laurent's opulent Marrakech retreat."—Booklist
"In Thoughtful Gardening we have this thoughtful gardener's musings--wit and wisdom in equal measure--boiled down into its richest essence, as he squires us, passage by passage, through a gardener's year.... This is that rarest of species that makes us not merely keener gardeners, but wiser human beings. If your aim in life is to live it richly--in thought, in habit, in articulation--then grab the book, fluff the cushions and settle in for some necessary winter's reading. Higher praise, we can't imagine."—Chicago Tribune
"For Lane Fox, flower gardens are human creations informed by art, history, science, politics, and personality. He takes readers on a year-long tour that combines practical guidance, serious reflection, and humorous provocations.... Opinionated, witty, and erudite, this collection is an example of the best garden writing."—Publishers Weekly
"This immense wealth of practical information and insight supports the maxim that sometimes devoted gardeners love reading about gardening almost more than the actual act itself."
Booklist, Top 10 Craft and Gardening Books: 2010
"[Thoughtful Gardening] is a quintessential combo-pack of information, brilliant prose, and wonderful morsels of history, botany, and practical experience. It is also a mélange of exceptional humor....engaging travelogue, and memoir. What more could a gardener or reader want?"—Books & Culture
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