Taking Care of Your Child, Ninth Edition

A Parent's Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical Care


By Robert Pantell

By James F. Fries

By Donald M. Vickery

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The bestselling indispensable resource for parents and caregivers, covering more than 175 common symptoms and health care problems, to raise a healthy, happy child

For more than forty years, Taking Care of Your Child has been the go-to resource for parents and caregivers. It offers the most recent information on critical childcare issues, from what to do in the event of a minor injury to everyday issues such as common allergies and ailments. Covering everything from birth to infancy and toddlerhood, to first concerns, growth and development, and the most common injuries and concerns through adolescence, Taking Care of Your Child is easy to use, even in a crisis: you can simply look up a symptom to find a complete explanation of probable causes, how to treat the problem at home, and when to see a doctor. With the very latest on ADHD, autism, breast-feeding, childhood depression and obesity, discipline, immunizations, and more, the book also features sections on youth sports and head trauma, genetic screening, and minimizing risks of medical procedures.


  • "Thoroughly 'user-friendly', informed and informative...A very strongly recommended home reference for all parents."
    Midwest Book Review

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Robert Pantell

About the Author

Robert H. Pantell, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco. As Chief of the Division of General Pediatrics for over two decades he trained more than 200 pediatricians and pediatric academic advisors. He currently serves as Medical Director, Child Protection Center, Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children.

James F. Fries, MD, is Professor Emeritus in the Immunology & Rheumatology department at the Stanford School of Medicine. He has won multiple awards: ISI Highly Cited from Web of Science (2009), Research Hero from Arthritis Foundation (2000), Cinical Research Award from American College of Rheumatology (2005), and Master of Rheumatology, American College of Rheumatology (2003).

Donald M. Vickery, MD, founded Health Decisions International, a self-diagnosing software tool for doctors and patients. He helped develop the first medical decision charts for non-doctors and was the head of the nonprofit Self-Care Institute. Dr. Vickery was president and chief executive of the Center for Consumer Health Education, based in Evergreen, Colorado, from 1980 to 2008. He passed away on November 22, 2008. Fries and Vickery also coauthored Take Care of Yourself.

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James F. Fries

About the Author

James F. Fries, MD, is Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, at Stanford University. His work involves the study of health outcomes and how to improve them, prevention of disease by reduction in health risks, self-care techniques, and health economics. He has published over 300 scientific articles and 11 books.

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