The tenth edition of Keen's Latin American Civilization inaugurates a new era in the history of this classic anthology by dividing it into two volumes. This second volume retains most of the modern period sources from the ninth edition but with some significant additions including a new set of images and a wide range of new sources that reflect the latest events and trends in contemporary Latin America. The 75 excerpts in volume two provide foundational and often riveting first-hand accounts of life in modern Latin America. Concise introductions for chapters and excerpts provide essential context for understanding the primary sources.

What's Inside

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Keen's Latin American Civilization: The Modern Era (Volume 2) offers one of the most wide-ranging and up-to-date introductions to the field. All the classic primary sources are still here. But the new edition is also full of wonderful surprises—the love letters of Simón Bolívar and Manuela Saenz, a petition from Peruvian guano speculators, the Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada's calavera prints, and the complaints of citizens in contemporary São Paulo, among many others—that broaden our perspective on the region's rich history. The variety of historical genres, time periods, and countries (including the United States) covered in this volume is impressive, and the editors' concise introductions skillfully orient the reader. This book can stand on its own or be used in conjunction with other works to provide students with new tools to understand Latin America's past and present.”
–Eduardo Elena, University of Miami

“This edition should be appealing to both teachers and students. It includes a more comprehensive selection of readings representing various ideological positions while maintaining the accessible reading style that characterized the original version.”
–Donna Guy, Ohio State University

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