Lane Garrow has a secret–one that could get her killed.

In a world where female sailors are executed, sixteen-year-old Lane's dream of being a sea captain is one she's told will never happen. But her life has been spent on the sea, on her father's ship. Sea life is all she knows, and she wouldn't give it up for anything. Even if it means she has to hide as a captain's boy because who she truly is would get her killed. Yet Lane's carefully constructed world begins to crumble when an old pirate enemy comes after her father. And there are rumors her father used to be a pirate, too.

Despite that Lane doesn't want to believe her father could have a dark past, she begins to question the man she's grown to love and respect. After all, Lane's life at sea is built on lies. Why couldn't her father's be as well?

To complicate an already deadly complex situation, a mysterious boy shows up looking for passage on her father's ship. He isn't who he says he is, yet suddenly Lane finds her survival tied to his and she must do everything she can to help him or risk her own life, her father's life, and her very future. With pirates, betrayal, and death threatening Lane and those she loves, she must now decide between the future she always saw for herself and helping a strange boy with a mysterious agenda who she finds herself falling for despite everything. Will Lane save herself and her dream of being a captain, or will she risk everything for a world where her very existence is a death sentence?

Or perhaps she can find a third option. After all, she's never played by the rules before. Why start now?

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