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This installment in the bestselling Penthouse series celebrates hot and steamy sexual encounters that can happen right next door. Savor this collection of letters detailing raw, uninhibited experiences between neighbors, all handpicked by the Editors of Penthouse.


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Whether they're spankers or swingers, peepers or preeners… hooking up at the sex toy party or at the backyard barbeque, in the bedroom closet or right on the porch… handy with a tool, sweaty in the sauna, or cranking up the wagon from "welcome" to "wanton," these are your everyday neighbors and Penthouse readers who treat you to a taste of their once-in-a-lifetime loving. You'll be glad you came.


You may think that most people fantasize about celebrities or those in positions of power, but one glance at the letters to Penthouse that compose this sizzling collection will tell you an entirely different story. These readers lust after the men and women they see every day in real life: their neighbors—and they do more than just dream!

These randy folks don't need to travel far and wide to get their groove on. To share the love, they head next door. For some, it's the appearance of a moving van and the prospect of fresh meat that sets their pulses racing, while others long for the sexy women they meet on the street—the ones who tease and tempt them with flirty smiles.

From sex-toy parties with lusty ladies to piping-hot threeways with kinky couples across the hall to daring exhibitionists with nothing to hide, these letters will have you looking at your own neighbors in a whole new way. Who knew that borrowing a cup of sugar could lead to something even sweeter?

Barbara Pizio

Executive Editor

Penthouse Variations

Our Sex Life Was Never Better—Then We Met the Girl Next Door

Moving was the last thing I wanted to do. In addition to packing our entire house, I had to pack my studio and all of my paintings. That room was special to me. When we first moved in, my wife had tied a red ribbon across the doorway with a sign that read: Nigel's New Studio. After cutting the ribbon, we had sex right there on the bare floor. But my wife was in the midst of changing law firms and the move was inevitable.

Our marriage was six years old, and it seemed as if the sex never ceased to get better. We spent a lot of time in our own worlds, but either after she had won a case or after I had finished and sold a painting, we would celebrate with a long session of hot, passionate sex. Little did I know that things were about to take an exciting new turn that would change our lives.

The move went smoothly, a lot better than I had anticipated. After we'd settled into the apartment, we met our neighbor, Megan. She lived alone and was an English professor at the local college. When Celeste told her that I was an artist, she asked to see my work. Because most of it was still packed away, I told her I would give her a rain check.

Actually, I couldn't wait to show her my paintings. While we were talking, I'd become so aroused that I had to excuse myself to the bathroom so she wouldn't see the bulge in my jeans. Megan had a natural sexiness to her. Her body was fit and trim, with perfect breasts. Celeste and I had talked about a threesome before, and I thought that this might be the one. I was curious to see how things would develop.

As time passed, Celeste nestled into the new firm, and I resumed painting. Megan visited us regularly, and we all quickly became friends. She spent a lot of time with Celeste, and sometimes she would watch me paint. As she sat there, I would glance at her and become aroused, hoping she wouldn't notice, and as far as I knew, she never did.

Then one morning I awoke feeling really creative. A note on the nightstand informed me that Celeste had left early and would probably be late getting home. I showered and ate breakfast, then readied a canvas and got to work. A few hours later there was a knock at the door. I yelled to whomever it was to come in, hoping it was unlocked so I wouldn't have to break my concentration. In walked Megan, who said she didn't have class that day so she had decided to drop in.

She sat quietly and watched from her usual seat as my cock predictably stiffened, but I managed to continue my work. Concentrating hard, I didn't notice Megan move from her position. When I leaned back in my chair to observe what I had done, I felt her hand rest on my shoulder. "It's so erotic," she said, "the way you work the brush—sliding it gently in some places, harshly in others. It's very sexual."

I was extremely surprised by this comment, and even more surprised when her hands began caressing my shoulders. I was unable to think of anything to say as she moved around until she stood between the canvas and me. I put down my paintbrush and she took my hand in hers, caressing it, our fingers interlocking and running over each other's palm. I never said a word. My heart was pounding with nervousness, but my cock was throbbing in anticipation.

Megan straddled me and sat on my lap, my hand still in hers, then took my index finger and put it to her lips. She licked her tongue around the tip and then, like a vacuum, engulfed it entirely. The heat of her mouth made me quiver and shake, and I could feel the warmth from her crotch as it settled firmly on my penis. She removed my finger and then stood up, still straddling me, to pull her dress off over her head, revealing nothing but bare flesh.

Her eyes burned with passion as she placed my hands on her breasts. I began a gentle rhythmic massage and she let her head fall back, her eyes closed. As I watched, she ran both her hands over her flat stomach to her crotch and stroked her neatly trimmed bush. Then she inserted her middle finger into her cunt, gasping.

I couldn't control myself. I began taking off my clothes, and soon I was back on my chair, completely naked. As her lips molded to mine, I closed my eyes and ran my tongue over hers. Then Megan slid down my chest and engulfed my cock in her mouth. It was hot and wet and her tongue felt like velvet, lulling me into a state of deep sexual bliss.

Watching her lips sliding over my shaft only intensified the feeling, and I felt myself coming to the edge. I moaned loudly, and she began sucking me more vigorously and starting to moan as well, her breath coming in short, hot gasps. I knew she wasn't going to stop so I glanced at her face once more and closed my eyes. When I came, I felt her lips reach the bottom of my dick and remain there until I was completely tapped.

Afterward, Megan unexpectedly got up and began getting dressed. This completely baffled me, since she hadn't come yet, so I asked her what she was doing. She simply said that she had to go. Then I thought of Celeste, so I mentioned to Megan that I wouldn't say anything to her about what we'd done. "I don't think Celeste would mind," was all she said before she left.

That night, before Celeste got home, a friend called and invited me out for a drink. I needed to clear my head so I said I'd meet him. I left the bar around 10:00 p.m. and headed for home. When I got to the front door of our apartment, I could see light coming from inside. I made up my mind right then to tell her what had happened that afternoon. I opened the door and discovered that the light was coming from the bedroom, and I could hear her voice.

Not wanting to disturb her while she was on the phone, I crept over to the door, which was slightly ajar, and peeked in. I was amazed. There was Megan, lying on our bed, her hands grasping the headboard tightly, her eyes closed. Her head was pressed deep into the pillow because of the arching of her back. Celeste's face was buried in her crotch, her brown hair flowing over Megan's thighs. I nudged the door to get a better view, and as I did, it creaked, causing both women to turn their attention to me.

Megan sat up and held out her hand. I looked at Celeste—her eyes were on fire, and she had a grin on her face, sex radiating from every part of her body. I walked to the bed and the two of them undressed me, and then my wife eagerly took my cock into her mouth as she pushed me on my back. Megan straddled my face and told me that it was my turn to please her. Her sweet juices coated my tongue as I probed her pussy. Then my wife turned Megan onto her back and joined me in eating her. I watched Celeste as she ran her tongue skillfully over Megan's clit, sucking and prodding, lashing her tongue over my own.

We changed positions regularly. I settled behind Megan as she pulled herself to her knees and sank my cock deep into her. Megan's pussy was so hot that I almost came right away, but I composed myself and established a slow rhythm of deep thrusts. Before long, Megan was crying out, a blissful look on her face.

After Megan came, my wife took my hand and pulled me to her. She licked Megan's juices from my cock and then turned around, positioning herself against the headboard. I slid up into her from behind and fucked her in a fast pace that made the headboard knock into the wall with every thrust. Turning around, I saw Megan fingering her own pussy, and then her hand reached out and grasped my balls as I pounded into my wife. Megan cried out as she brought herself to orgasm. Then Celeste began shuddering and I felt her juices trickling over my balls. With a final thrust, I exploded, and at the same time Celeste arched her back and sank down hard on my cock, reaching her own climax.

We all fell asleep then, entangled on our bed. The next morning was like any other, except that there were three of us preparing for our daily routines. Celeste later told me that she and Megan had set up the whole affair, even the incident earlier that day. I never asked her why, but I didn't have to. It feels natural to us, and all three of us get great satisfaction from our arrangement. Our sex life has never been better; in fact, we are thinking of asking Megan to move in with us. Maybe having to relocate wasn't so bad after all.

Mr. N.H., Parma, Michigan  

After Their Toy Party, Liza And Sherry Put Their New Playthings to Good Use

When my next-door neighbor, Liza, announced she was having a sex-toy party, all the women in our circle were more than happy to attend. It was going to be Liza's most exciting affair thus far, I was sure.

Unfortunately, on the day of Liza's party, there was a rather violent rainstorm. Walking the twenty feet between our houses was a trial, so I was not surprised when she told me that our other friends, who lived across town, wouldn't be able to make it. Not letting the lack of guests dampen her mood, Liza got me a towel to dry myself with, put on some tea, and finished setting up her sales display in the living room.

I rubbed my hair with the pink bath towel and poured myself a steaming mug of tea before heading to the living room to join my friend. A perky brunette with a round ass and large, firm breasts, Liza was the most attractive in our group. She was also the quirkiest and had a penchant for get-rich-quick schemes.

Since I'd met her, she'd sold cosmetics, Tupperware, knives, and a plethora of other items most people already had. But her friends always came out to show their support, and we typically ended up going home with bags full of goods that would be shoved into the backs of our closets for who knows how long. When she announced her sex-toy party, though, everyone was thrilled. Finally, something we could all use!

Now, however, it was only me and Liza—and a table full of dildos. Not that I minded. I had always been attracted to my friend. Although she had the looks of a supermodel, she was very laid-back and modest. As she bent over the coffee table, setting up the remainder of the toys, I had the chance to really study her body. She was wearing a short skirt that rose up her thighs as she reached across the table, and her tiny sweater was stretched to near bursting as it tried to contain her large breasts. Her makeup was rather plain, except for her shocking red lipstick, and I wanted nothing more than to kiss those plump lips.

Snapping her fingers in front of my face, Liza broke me out of my daydream, ready to start her presentation. "I'll practice on you, that way when I have more guests I'll know exactly what to do and say to push the goods," she said, laughing. So I sat back and watched as she presented lubes, dildos, and bondage toys. She was clearly in her element, and every toy she showed me had me wondering what it would be like to use it on her. Then she started to show me the vibrators.

The first few she held up were your run-of-the-mill vibrators, nothing spectacular. In fact, I was fairly certain I owned at least several of them already. Then, she showed me what she said was called the Rabbit Habit.

Made of sheer purple rubber, it had a penis-shaped body for vaginal penetration, the base of which was filled with pearls designed to rumble against the pussy's entrance, she said. On top of that, there was a small rabbit protruding from the base, and its ears vibrated against the clit. I was fascinated. Though I had heard of Rabbit Habits before, I had never seen one and certainly never imagined they were so involved.

Noticing the look on my face, Liza asked if I would like to see how it worked. I nodded mutely. She walked toward me, still holding the toy, and then she sat next to me on the couch. Turning the base of the vibrator, she brought the toy to life, letting it buzz in her hand for a moment before gently taking mine. She turned my hand palm-up and touched the toy to it, first letting me feel the head, then the pearls, and finally the rabbit ears. The sensations it sent through me were amazing, and I could only imagine how good it would feel in my pussy.

Almost as if sensing my thoughts, Liza said, "That won't do it justice. I think you need to see how it really works to get an idea of how good it would feel." With that, she hiked up her skirt, revealing her unpantied pussy. Her slit glistened with moisture, and she began inserting the vibrator immediately. I watched in awe as the Rabbit purred away inside her trembling body. She was sighing happily and then, as suddenly as she'd started playing, she stopped.

"I don't think it's fair for me to have all the fun," she said, as I stared at her in shock. "You are the guest, after all."

I barely had time to blink before she was straddling me, her chest pressed flat against mine, her lips kissing me hotly. It took a moment for me to react, but when I did, my arms wrapped around her back and pulled her harder against me, and my lips parted, allowing her tongue to probe my open mouth.

Kissing Liza was everything I had imagined it would be, but after a few minutes, I wanted more. Liza clearly felt the same way, as she pulled back and lifted her sweater over her head, freeing her gorgeous tits. I stared in awe of her beauty for a moment before leaning forward and attaching my mouth to one of her pink nipples. I sucked the nub between my lips before freeing it in favor of kissing all around her soft breast and moving to her left tit. This time, I licked circles around her areola, getting closer to her nipple, which I bit lightly before sucking it into my mouth.

While I enjoyed Liza's delicious tits, my friend was busy running her hands around my breasts, which were still covered by a lacy bra and thin T-shirt. Unable to control herself any longer, she pulled back from my hungry mouth and quickly helped me shed my shirt, my bra joining it on the floor mere seconds later. Then, she stood, pulling me up with her.

"There's too much clothing in the way," she said, and then slipped her skirt off, gesturing for me to do the same with my jeans. I complied, and soon I was standing naked before her. "That's much better," Liza said, grinning.

Pushing me onto the couch once more, my friend sank to her knees before me. Gently spreading my legs, she kissed along the insides of my thighs before moving in to tease my cunt. She licked up and down my moist slit, and then let her tongue poke at my excited clit before starting all over again. My thighs quaked as she continued to lick and kiss my pussy, each time sending her tongue deeper inside me and flicking my nubbin with more force. I let my hands wander into her hair, pulling hard as I felt myself getting closer to climax. The next thing I knew, she had one, then two, then three fingers wiggling around inside me.

When I was on the edge of orgasm, Liza pulled her fingers free of my pussy, reached behind her, and came back with a large, fat dildo. She smiled at me wickedly, and then thrust the eight-inch cock deep inside me. I groaned as I felt the toy filling me. She paused and let me get acclimated to its girth before starting to slowly fuck me with it.

As she slammed the rubber penis into my cunt again and again, I writhed around on the couch, unable to control my body any longer. One of my hands wandered over to my pussy, and I began rubbing my clit as Liza continued fucking me. Soon I was coming, my juices flooding my pussy and leaking out along the toy and down onto Liza's hand.

She didn't let up until I had stopped shaking. Then, she slid the toy out of my cunt, leaned forward, and licked up the juices that were leaking out of me. Burying her face in my pussy, she sucked up all of my pungent liquid. When she finally moved out from between my thighs, I pulled her up and kissed her hard. I could taste myself on her lips, and I had never experienced anything so erotic.

Wanting to return the favor, I maneuvered myself into a vertical position and pulled Liza up until she was kneeling once again, this time with her cunt pressed against my face.

I had never tasted pussy before, and I cautiously slipped my tongue out to probe her slit. At first I took short, light swipes at her sex, but as I heard her soft sighs and grew more confident, I also grew more bold. Soon I was alternating between massaging her clit with my tongue and sucking the juices out of her cunt, all while Liza continued to thrash around above me.

As more and more juices flowed out of her slit, Liza's moans became louder and I could sense she was on the verge of her own orgasm. Reaching up, I found her tits and began massaging them, tweaking her nipples every so often. In no time at all, she was bucking against my face, driving my tongue deep inside her. It wasn't long before she was screaming out in ecstasy as her juices flooded my mouth.

I drank up her liquid goodness as she wriggled around above me, coming down from her high. When she finally stilled, she slid down my body until she was lying atop me on the couch, and she remained there while we both dozed.

About an hour later, when we came to, we got dressed and Liza walked me to the door. She kissed me hard on the mouth before saying, "Thanks for coming, Sherry. I hope you had fun." We both smiled, and I started out the door. Liza's voice stopped me, however. "I guarantee we'll have a lot more fun next time," she shouted, "when all of the girls are here!"

My smile grew as I walked back across the lawn to my own house. I can't wait for Liza's next party!

—Ms. S.V., Indianapolis, Indiana  

I Hid in the Closet and Watched My Wife Make Love to Another Man

There's only one thing I find more exciting than making love to my wife, and that's watching her do it with someone else. Believe it or not, it all started when I caught Michelle fooling around with a mutual friend of ours during a party at a neighbor's house. After playing a couple games of pool with some of the guys while I thought my wife was chatting with the other women, I'd wandered upstairs and out onto the deck to catch some air. That's when I spotted her and my good friend, Brett, making out in the hot tub.

Brett had his hands firmly planted on Michelle's glistening breasts, which were barely supported by a tiny red bikini top. He was squeezing and kneading them and eliciting small moans from my wife while they French-kissed with what looked like unbridled lust.

My initial response to the situation was a feeling of jealousy, and it swelled up within my chest as I stared at the steamy scene. As I contemplated wading into the fray, I suddenly felt something else swelling up, this time a little further down my body. The longer I watched my nearly naked wife and friend kiss and caress one another, the harder my cock got—as hard as it's ever been.

Retreating into the shadows, I set down my drink and started rubbing my engorged dick through my pants. I was absolutely amazed at how turned on I was from watching Michelle in the arms of another man. I felt like I should have been yelling and screaming in a righteous defense of our marriage vows, but instead, I simply stood there and watched, transfixed by the wicked sight of my beautiful wife getting it on with my friend.

However, my unexpected joy at stumbling onto this exciting new spectator sport quickly evaporated as Michelle soon pushed Brett away and gasped, "No! I can't!" She climbed out of the tub and ran into the house, leaving behind two very disappointed men. Obviously, she hadn't noticed me lurking there in the dark, but when her conscience got the better of her the following morning, she confessed to her naughty behavior. I reciprocated with my own confession.

"You were actually enjoying it?" she exclaimed, her brown eyes wide with astonishment.

I nodded matter-of-factly and reached out to stroke her long, silky brown hair. "Yes. I'm not sure why, exactly, but seeing you turning on another guy—and getting turned on by another guy—really excited me." We stared at each other for a long moment, and then I made the bold suggestion that would forever change our sex life—for the better. "Would you be willing to do it again, with my blessing this time?"

She swallowed hard. "Have sex with another man while you watch?" It was obvious that she could barely believe I'd even suggest such a thing, but the tented front of my pants was testament to the fact that I meant every word I said. Her cheeks were flushed, so I could tell that the idea sort of turned her on, too. We talked it over for quite some time, and eventually, Michelle agreed to give it a try.

Though my wife and I had done a fair bit of experimentation during the course of our ten-year marriage, such as outdoor sex, role-playing, bondage, and the like, we had never before involved a third party. That taboo was shattered the very next weekend, however, when she brought home a man she'd picked up at a local bar.

We'd set it all up beforehand, so I was ready when she led him into the living room. As they started kissing under dimmed lights, I watched from a cracked-open hall closet door. The guy was tall and blond, with big, strong-looking hands that he couldn't keep off my wife. Not that I could blame him. Michelle was sexily attired for the occasion in a tight crimson tank top, her jutting nipples practically poking through the thin, silky material in open invitation. In addition, a short black skirt showcased the bottom of her rounded ass and her long, supple legs, which were perched atop high-heeled shoes.

"Oh, James," she cooed as the two of them collapsed onto the couch in each other's arms. He responded by fondling Michelle's tits as he leaned forward and slipped his tongue into her mouth. As their clinch tightened, she glanced over at where I was hidden, but my hands were too occupied to give her any kind of signal. I was completely naked, stroking my hardened cock with one hand while I pulled and twisted my aroused nipples with the other. The sight of my wife being groped and tongued by that big stud, coupled with the stark realization that they were minutes from having sex, turned me on beyond belief. I felt not a whit of jealousy, secure in the knowledge that Michelle was doing this for me, though I could tell she was enjoying herself, too.

My lust was then cranked up another couple notches when Michelle closed her eyes and moaned as James licked and bit his way up and down her slender, delicate neck. That affirmed the fact that she was enjoying the wild new experience as much as I was, though I no longer had any real doubt. Next, she slipped off the thin straps of her top and invited her young lover to ravage her luscious breasts. He ogled her heavy tits for a moment and then he cupped them in his hands before bending to take a rigid nipple between his lips and suck it hard.

"Oh, yes!" Michelle cried, her head lolling back on her shoulders as James sucked at her breast. Then he pulled back a little, shot out his tongue, and swirled it all over her ultrasensitive bud.

"Yes!" I hissed right along with my wife, vigorously pumping my cock in my fist as I reveled in the searing sex scene unfolding right there in my living room. James was bouncing his head back and forth between Michelle's saliva-covered tits, thoroughly tonguing each nipple before taking it between his lips and giving it a good suck. Then he pressed her breasts together and ran his tongue back and forth across her hardened pink nubs in an obvious attempt to get them both into his hungry mouth at the same time.


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