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Destination S-E-X


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The latest entry of this hot-selling series explores the sexual adventures of men and women who get tired of the same old routine and ache for something, someone, and, most importantly, somewhere new. Original.



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My wife and I took a trip to Aruba last January and stayed in a little bungalow on the beach. Lyla fell in love with our private quarters, which were nestled among the trees, giving an impression of seclusion. Taking advantage of the privacy, Lyla became very frisky, prancing around naked every day. One night she even did a striptease for me outside, as I watched from the window.

Lyla and I were in paradise and so turned on that we seldom went more than four hours without making love. So, I was quite surprised when Lyla returned from a solo trip to the beach to tell me that she had made a new "friend." She explained that her friend, a tall sexy blond named Derek, had made a pass at her, exciting her to the point where she had considered fucking his brains out.

We talked about this riveting possibility, and the more it became apparent that our fantasy of her doing another guy while I watched was going to come true, the hotter we became. Soon I was slipping my erect cock into my wife's wet hole, pumping slowly in and out of her as she described how she wanted to take Derek's cock in her ass and how she would milk it till he came, squeezing her butt cheeks to heighten his sensations. By the time she started telling me how she would take his cock into her mouth, we were thrashing about wildly on the bed. Neither of us could remember the last time we came with such intensity.

While regaining our composure, Lyla devised a plan. She said that she would tell Derek that I had to leave Aruba to attend to some urgent business and wouldn't return until the following day. She knew that he would seize this opportunity to make another play for her.

The next night, as she prepared to leave our bungalow, my wife told me to leave the curtains open and to find a spot outside the window from which I could watch—that was, if I wanted to watch.

Waiting for her to return with her soon-to-be lover, my whole body trembled in anticipation of what the night might bring. Lyla had dressed in a tight-clinging blue minidress, sans undergarments. Her nipples were straining against the fabric so hard that I could almost count the little bumps on her areolas. I tried to coax her to have a quickie with me before she left, but she said that she wanted to be fresh and ready for only the second cock ever to fill her cunt.

While she was gone I arranged a place for myself to watch outside the window. I even checked the sound capabilities, ensuring that I would be able to hear their moans of pleasure. Then I settled back, heart racing, palms sweating, and waited until I heard them coming down the trail.

They entered the bungalow clinging to one another tightly, and the second the door shut they shared wet, passionate kisses. My cock was already throbbing at full attention, and when Lyla unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his smooth chest, stopping only to suck his tiny nipples, I was sure that I was going to shoot my load on the windowpane without even having touched my cock!

Derek began running his hands all over Lyla's body, saying how beautiful she was. But she was impatient and quickly undressed and then stood before him in all her naked glory. As if this were the final go-ahead he was waiting for, he grabbed her and brought her closer to him, snuggling his head into her breasts. I thought about how delicious she must smell to Derek with his nose buried in her cleavage, and then he suckled each firm tit, one at a time.

I watched, mouth hanging open, as Derek circled each nipple with his tongue, starting with her left tit. Cupping her breast with his hand, he flicked his tongue tip quickly over the hardened nipple—a technique Lyla had often used on the rim of my cock when blowing me. I wet my fingers with saliva then and brought my hand to my shaft.

Although Lyla was obviously loving it all, she wanted more. Dropping to her knees, she pulled down Derek's pants and freed his erect organ. As she quickly guided it into her mouth, my cock throbbed again, eager to be in her mouth as well.

My wife gave this man an expert blow job, taking his whole length in her mouth, massaging his balls, gliding her hand up and down in rhythm with her mouth, and it wasn't long before Derek cried out in pleasure, filling her throat with his semen. A bit of pre-come seeped from my cockhead as I watched my sexy wife swallow another man's come and then clean the tip of his cock with her tongue. Wanting to get off as well, I began stroking my cock with greater urgency.

Far from being satisfied, Derek had my wife lie back on the bed where he worked his finger diligently over her clit and pussy lips. He rubbed her labia in a circular motion, causing her to tense up and close her eyes, her face contorting with pleasure. He dragged his tongue down to her clitoris and slid two fingers into her pussy. Lyla let out a loud moan as he finger-fucked her and flicked his tongue across her clit. It seemed as if she were going to come at any moment, as her legs were trembling and her hands were holding Derek's head tight to her sex. But before she could come, Derek stopped eating her.

I moved right up to the window, so close I was in danger of being seen, but I had to get a close-up view of my wife taking another man's cock inside her snug pussy. "Fuck me," I heard her say as he slid his cock up and down her opening, teasing her.

I continued to play with my cock as Derek slowly slid all the way inside Lyla's cunt. I could almost feel the velvety wetness of her vaginal walls embracing my cock as I watched Derek pump in and out, in and out, his shaft glistening with her juices. Soon they were thrashing wildly on the bed, fucking so fast I could hardly see Derek's cock as it pounded into her cunt. I worked my cock faster as well, but it was only moments before Lyla cried out, "Oh, yes, yes, I'm coming." And Derek came, too, with one last, quick thrust into her convulsing pussy. It wasn't easy, but I let go of my cock, wanting to be inside my wife when I came.

The two of them lay together, stroking each other for a while, until Derek went to the bathroom. Lyla came to the window and teased me by scooping Derek's come from her cunt and licking it from her fingertips. I had already ducked out of sight when Derek returned, but remained in earshot to hear Lyla telling him that he had to go now, but that maybe they'd have a chance to fuck again before the week was over.

When he was gone, Lyla came to the window and instructed me to stay where I was. She came out and found me seated in a hard-backed chair in the darkness outside the window, naked, with my hard dick standing straight up. Without a word Lyla straddled me, sinking her freshly fucked pussy down on my aching member. Neither of us lasted long, both of us coming so hard we almost fell out of the chair!

It was a truly wonderful night that made our vacation in Aruba especially memorable.

—J.E.S., Delaware


Recently, I was on vacation with my girlfriend, Betty, and our good friends Mark and Audrey. We were all excited about soaking up some rays, working on our tans, and totally relaxing. Both girls had brought skimpy bikinis. Betty's was black and a little smaller than Audrey's red one, but both looked incredibly sexy and emphasized their generous curves.

The real fun started when I went to the store to get some groceries. When I returned, I found Mark taking a nap on the king-size bed, with Betty and Audrey dozing naked on either side of him. What a sight! I knew that it was too precious not to record for posterity, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. I'd be sure to tease Mark later about letting such a delectable opportunity go to waste!

Mark was still asleep when the girls awoke. The two began making out and fondling each other's breasts. I couldn't believe that he hadn't woken up, but my cock was certainly awake from watching all their touching. I told both girls to wake Mark up by stroking him through his shorts. They did as I commanded and I photographed their every move. We all watched as his cock grew in his pants, but he still hadn't woken up. Finally, his eyes started to flicker and he looked around in amazement. I could see his mind turning over the possibilities, trying to figure out how he'd come to be in such a situation. I nodded at him, letting him know that it was more than okay to go with his instincts and touch the girls.

It didn't take Mark long to get the hint because they started touching and kissing him, their hands gliding along his body and reaching out for his cock. I watched through the camera lens as my Betty got things started by wrapping her hand around Mark's meaty cock and stroking it slowly. She always keeps her hands soft with lotion, and I knew from my hand job this morning that they were the perfect smoothness for her task. While she pumped his cock slowly and tenderly, Audrey leaned down and began licking and pinching Mark's nipples. He clearly enjoyed it, because the minute she started, he closed his eyes and whimpered. I moved aside and snapped a photo that captured their action in all its fullness. My cock was rock-hard, but instead of joining in, I was content to watch as the girls worked in tandem to give Mark what had to be the most memorable sexual encounter of his life.

As they got more comfortable, I noticed the girls touching themselves as well as Mark. Betty used her free hand to begin tweaking her own hardened nipples, while Audrey rubbed her pussy along the mattress, then spread her legs to give me a view of her glistening sex. I snapped away, my eyes riveted on all three of them getting completely turned on. Mark looked like he was in absolute heaven as the girls went to town. When they paused to give each other a long, seductive kiss, I thought he might pop right then. He didn't, even though Betty had increased the pace of her pumping. The girls continued kissing, moving closer so that their breasts rubbed against each other. All the while, they kept touching Mark while moaning into each other's mouth.

I put down the camera and moved forward so I could grab both girls' asses at the same time. They turned toward me, peppering me with tiny kisses. I joined Mark on the bed, getting a new angle on their bobbing breasts and sensuous bodies.

I figured that Betty would come over and sit on my cock, but instead, Audrey climbed on top of me. Her pussy was radiating heat as she wiggled around my cock, teasing me by not sticking it inside her right away. The two girls mimicked each other's actions, holding our cocks in their hands and rubbing the bulging heads against their slits. I reached for the camera and snapped a photo of their glistening pussies teasing our dicks, and then I put it down as I sank into the ecstasy of Audrey's cunt.

From this angle, everything about her was enhanced; her breasts looked bigger and her face prettier. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. She giggled as she tumbled forward, and I kissed her, watching with pride as Betty did the same with Mark. Even though we'd never done this before, it seemed perfectly natural to swap partners for the night. Listening to the mewling sounds Betty made as Mark pressed his cock up against her spurred me on. As I got more worked up, I flipped us over so I could really pound into Audrey. She opened her eyes, and they were glassy with lust as I held her arms down at her sides and rammed into her as hard as I could. Acting on pure animal instinct, I pulled back and then arched forward, and she clearly appreciated this roughness, because she wrapped her legs tightly around me and let out a tantalizing moan every time my cock plunged back into her.

Betty, who was still on top of Mark, reached over to touch my shoulder, and when I looked back at her, we kissed. This kiss connected the four of us and made me feel even closer to my girlfriend, even while my cock was buried inside her best friend's pussy. I pulled back and watched her slide up and down along Mark's cock, her pussy lips engorged and beautiful. It was a rare treat to see her from this angle, and as she eyed me up and down, I knew she appreciated this special view of my ass. Mark seemed like he was in a dream as he took in the surroundings. I reached for the camera again, holding it slightly above me to capture all of us in our group-sex glory.

I didn't have time to dawdle any longer, because my cock was urging me to continue slamming into Audrey. I looked into her eyes, and she smiled up at me, licking her lips as I felt her deliberately squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. I heard Mark slap Betty's ass and glanced back to see him pulling apart her asscheeks, fondling her behind in a way I knew would spark her orgasm.

I reached beneath me and toyed with Audrey's clit, feeling the bud harden even more against my fingers as she got even wetter. I fondled her button, trying out different sorts of touches, all of which seemed to drive her crazy with lust. She started to twist her hips and shake her head, beating her fists against the mattress while I maintained my rhythm. Betty was grunting by now, too, the way she always does before she's about to come. I pressed my thumb against Audrey's clit, mashing it against her pubic bone while I pushed my cock as far inside her as I could. I was thrilled when I felt her bathe my cock with her juices, and from the look on her face, her orgasm was clearly a powerful one. I could hear Betty's cries getting louder and the sound of their bodies slapping together, and I came, shooting deep into Audrey.

We both turned to watch Betty and Mark's finale. She stretched her hands above her head like a rodeo queen while he bucked and humped beneath her. Their echoing cries of pleasure filled the room as they both reached their peaks. I made sure to capture the three of them in postcoital bliss and took many more naughty pictures that we keep locked away in our bedside drawer. Whenever life seems dull, I look over those photos and remember what a wild girl I've got, and what special friends Mark and Audrey are to share that kind of fun with us.

—T.E., Oakland, California


I watched as Masato closed the drapes, the expanse of mountaintops being concealed from my view. Before my eyes could adjust to the change in light, Masato had taken me into his arms and pressed his lips to mine. In between kisses and groping, we removed each other's clothes. I slid my hand up and down the now-familiar terrain of his naked body, his nearly hairless flesh soft and smooth to the touch. As his hands moved down to my chest and he cupped my breasts in his palms, an unslakable need fluttered inside my belly.

Moving with the alacrity I knew his pulsating cock craved, I dropped to my knees and took his shaft in my mouth. I felt him shiver and saw his legs twitch as I began running my tongue up and down his length. He moaned as my tongue tip slid over his mushroom-shaped head and then ran down the other side of his shaft.

Masato's legs began to shake, and he pushed his groin into my face, loving the licking but wanting all of his cock down my throat at the same time. I knew the effect my slow, deliberate licks had on him, and as I witnessed his burgeoning desire, I grew horny as well.

I stuffed him inside my mouth, allowing my breasts to occasionally brush his smooth legs as I sucked his shaft in and out. Soon he was pushing himself into me with ramrod intensity, his hips nearly knocking me off balance as his cock slid farther down my throat. I grabbed his asscheeks to control his movement, and seconds later he spewed his sweet come into my mouth.

I recalled that evening fondly, as well as the few others I spent with Masato, as I checked out of Nagano First Hotel. Consumed by my thoughts, I walked out into the chilly February air and paused to take a last look at the web of narrow streets. I was enamored by the quaint little neighborhood with its wide array of small shops and restaurants.

When my car arrived, I hopped in and peered at Zenkoji Temple, shrouded in lush gardens, perched high on a hill above the city. High-peaked mountains greeted the clear skyline, and serene valleys lay below the snow-covered alps. The car quickly swept away from the hotel, and as images began to move past my window, I was catapulted back to the first time I met Masato.

I was one of four reporters from the newspaper I worked for to be sent to Nagano, Japan, to cover the Winter Olympic Games. Assigned to report on the figure skating and short track speed skating events being held in the Mashima district in southeast Nagano City, I spent a lot of time scurrying around the White Ring—located on the site of the ancient battlefield of Kawanakajima—trying to get quotes and shoot great pictures to be sent home via my laptop computer.

The atmosphere during the games was intoxicating, with tourists roving the city streets donning Olympic paraphernalia. When I wasn't in the press box, taking in the events and writing, I was making my way through throngs of tourists and fans in an attempt to do a little local sightseeing and take some photos for my personal album. One morning, while focusing in on the entrance to the arena, a man stepped in front of my camera. I weakly said, "Excuse me," probably too softly for him to hear, because he did not move out of my way. I tried a second time and he quickly turned to face me.

"Oh, I am so sorry," he said, rather formally. He smiled politely and moved away, his eyes lingering over me fondly. I looked briefly into his deep black eyes and figured that he was a native.

When I had clicked the picture, he moved toward me and extended his hand in invitation. "Masato. Welcome to Nagano."

"Thank you. I take it you are a resident here."

"Yes, I live nearby. But currently I am working here, selling keepsake programs. And you? Are you just here to see the Olympics?"

"I am a reporter."

"Ah, I see," he said, pointing to the camera and smiling once again.

"Well, have a nice day," I said, beginning to walk away.

"Wait!" He stopped me. "I—maybe we can have breakfast."

The restaurant he chose was just a few blocks away from White Arena and, despite the early-morning hour, already bustling with tourists. The estimated wait was a half hour, so Masato suggested that we go back to his place, which was a short walk from there, and he would prepare breakfast. Nothing like a home-cooked meal, I thought, as my stomach grumbled. In minutes we were in his small and cozy kitchen.

During breakfast, Masato and I barely ate because we were talking so much. He looked so intently in my eyes as he spoke, I thought I would melt right along with the butter on my toast. Soon we had delved into stories about our past romances, and as I imagined him in the arms of a lover, my desire for him became a need so palpable, I could almost taste it.

The conversation ebbed, but Masato and I continued to sit motionless, staring into one another's eyes, listening to each other's breath. And then, finally, Masato leaned over the table and kissed me hard on the lips. I was taken aback, though somewhat conscious of his shirt dangling in his cup of coffee, so I pulled away.

Masato seemed gravely disappointed as I began to stand, and then surprised when I came around the table and plopped myself down on his lap and wrapped my legs around the back of the chair. This time I kissed him, pressing my lips softly to his, and then slowly sneaking my tongue in his mouth. I could taste the coffee he had just consumed—light and sweet, just like his kisses.

During our kiss, I allowed my hands to play in his hair and then explore the curve of his back, our tongues performing a beautiful dance. Masato's gorgeous cock had hardened and was jabbing into my crotch as he slid his hands down my back to cup my bottom.

Soon Masato was kissing my cheeks, my neck, sucking my fingers into his mouth, opening my blouse. I shivered when he unsnapped my bra and glided his fingers delicately over each swollen nipple of my breasts. He slid down to my belly button with just the lightest touch of one fingertip, and then worked his hands down my pants.

Masato explored the folds of my pussy, my juices allowing his fingers to glide smoothly over my labia and clitoris. His touch was sensational and suddenly I was light-headed. I unbuttoned my jeans to give his hand some room to work, and then unbuttoned his. His cockhead was peeking out of his boxers. I shook hands with it, gripping it tightly before I began to stroke it.

Masato and I worked to a steady rhythm, kissing and moaning as the chair began to squeak. My pussy became hot as his hand motion built to a frenzy, and soon I was shaking through a delicious orgasm that I felt from the tip of my toes to the tip of my tongue.

When my quivering subsided, I felt a little cramped and got up from Masato's lap. He stood as well, and instead of taking me into the bedroom, he began to remove his clothes and drop them on the linoleum-covered floor.

Naked, he was quite muscular, and I couldn't help but reach out and touch his chest and arms. He stared at me longingly and removed my clothes. He clutched his cock and held it out like some fragile offering. Taking my cue, I moved in closer to him until my naked breasts were squishing against his chest.

Once again our lips met. As he kissed me, his hands lazily danced over my flesh, making my every hair stand on end. Once his fingers had found my sopping wet pussy again, he lined his cock up with my slick hole and steered it right in.

At first we moved slowly, taking and giving, touching and kissing, our bodies forging a greater intimacy with every buck and thrust. The slowness of it made it more hot, but soon both Masato and I grew hungry for it faster, harder. I could hear Masato's breath grow ragged just before he moved me backward, pressing my rear end into the sink.

He took one quick lunge inside me, my weight supported by the sink, and then began pumping his cock with ferocious tenacity. It felt as if he were hitting my kidneys as he moved with the skill of a samurai swordsman, coaxing my wet pussy to spasm again and again. I grabbed his ass as I felt his body stiffen, and pushed him in farther and farther as he shivered through his sweet release.

In the airplane on the trip home, I glanced out the window at the dramatic peaks that loomed over the sprawling valleys. I picked up the Shinmai paper I had folded in my bag and smiled, thinking that thanks to Masato I'd never forget Nagano.

—K.P., Brooklyn, New York


I stared at Melinda as she lay sprawled across the chaise, her bare legs swaying over the side as she sat, the hotel room-service menu in her lap, writing out postcards to her friends and family at home.

"What do you think? Dear Mom, Dan and I have been having a splendid time here in Brussels, fucking like crazy."

"You might want to be a little bit more to the point, Mel." I smiled at her warmly as I stood to pull on my boxers. A new desire was already welling within me as I eyed my wife's naked body, still gleaming with sweat from the exalted experience we had shared just moments before. Breasts bouncing above me, she had ridden me with feline speed to an orgasm of exorbitant proportions. Mel has always been a track star in bed, but this time she beat her own record, and I was still reeling from it ten minutes later.

Melinda threw her postcards on the floor when she noticed me buttoning up my shirt. "What are you doing, hon?"

"Well, I figured that since we've come all this way, we might like to see what the capital of Europe has to offer." She knew that I was full of it. I couldn't care less about bourgeois palaces or baroque guild halls when given Melinda as an alternative option. I'd much rather wrap my lips around one of her gorgeous orbs than be stuffing my face with pommes frites with béarnaise sauce bought from some street vendor. And I know a helluva lot more about human physiology than I do about architecture anyway.

Melinda, her hair mussed from our sex romp, pressed her naked body to mine, rising up on her tiptoes to deliver a cock-throbbing kiss to my already dried-out lips, and she knew I was putty in her hands. After weeks of perusing travel guide upon travel guide, I thought for sure that Melinda and I wouldn't find time to breathe during our vacation to Brussels. She had an itinerary written out with the names of restaurants, shops, and museums she wanted to visit, as well as approximated wake-up times and bedtimes. I joked with her about whether or not she had figured in time for us to use the restrooms, but in truth I was more concerned about whether or not I was going to get laid.

But, suddenly, there we were, the city sprawled out before us right outside our hotel room window, Avenue Louise and its famous shopping district waiting to make friends with our Visa Gold, and my wife was naked, pleading for me to take my clothes off again.

Needless to say, I was undressed in seconds, and we were wrinkling my slacks with the soles of our feet as we kissed, our bodies pressed together, our hands exploring and petting.

My stiff cock was nestled between her thighs, being tickled by her thin spread of pubic hair, when she began kissing me from my neck down to my chest. I cupped her firm buttocks in the palms of my hands and pulled her closer to me, my cock pressing into her legs, the fresh dew of her pussy juices gliding onto my shaft. We kissed for a few more moments, her breasts squished into my hard chest, her cunt slathering me with its honey, until I was infused with desire.

I tore myself away from Melinda long enough to guide her by the hand to the bed, and then I laid her down on the lumped-up bedclothes. I lay on top of my gorgeous wife, our lips seemingly sutured together, as I slipped my cock inside her waiting cunt.


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