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GET YOUR KICKS WITH THE BEST FLICKS! Today, in the privacy of our own living rooms and bedrooms, we can thrill to countless titles in erotic video entertainment in a dazzling variety of formats-VHS, CD-ROM, DVD, pay-per-view, and satellite TV. But amid this wealth of raunchy riches, how do you tell the hot, classic originals from the limp, lukewarm bombs? For almost two decades, Penthouse Magazine has focused its keen critic’s eye on the best-and worst-of carnal cinema.


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First eBook Edition: July 2008


The Adventures of Peeping Tom, Vol. 13

Directed by Tom Stone (Odyssey Group)

Starring Dalia, Shay Sweet, Kitty Monroe, Taylor Moore, Toni James, India, Sabrina Johnson, Alex Sanders, Luciano, Jet Richards, Jake Steed, Tony Martino, and Mark Anthony

Shay Sweet is always lovely to look at, but in this video she's surrounded by a much more attractive cast, which includes James, Johnson, and Moore. The conceit of this series is that a guy in a deerstalker cap is wandering the neighborhood, pointing his video camera through windows and into backyards to catch folks in action. Sweet is discovered taking a shower, after which she wraps herself in a towel and bounds into her lover's bed for a spirited session. Similarly, Moore is discovered in a Jacuzzi, and India, a beautiful African-American actress, begins her scene in a bathtub and then ends up getting DP'ed. In another great scene, Sabrina Johnson lovingly and slowly gives Alex Sanders's cock and balls a tongue bath. Director Tom Stone seems to believe that a pretty girl is enhanced by having strands of jism dripping from her lips and off her chin. By golly, he just may be right.

All Natural

Directed by Mitchell Spinelli (Digital Playground DVD)

Starring Chelsea Blue, Mia Smiles, Vivi Anne, Anastasia Blue,

J. J. Michaels, and Brick Majors

This gonzo-tinged exercise in pro-am pornography offers "all natural" (read: natural-breasted) girls. Mia Smiles and Vivi Anne both have solid performances under their belts—and a whole lot more, when you think of it—and are both more than worthy reasons to check out this disc. Cute blonde Anastasia Blue, in what purports to be her virgin performance, gives up All Natural's best in-and-outing, from its spit-slobbering, shaft-sucking blowjob beginnings to its ass-probing, butt-banging, face-glazing finale. The interviews that open each scene could easily have been excised in favor of some more hardcore footage, but as it stands, All Natural is still a dick-stiffening erotic pleasure.

All the Right Motions

Directed by J. T. Monroe (Dreamland)

Starring Sabrina Dawn, Susan Vegas, Tracey Adams, Carol Cummings, Keisha, Steve Vegas, Eric Price, and Peter North

To some extent, sex is about surfaces. The play of eyes over flesh, the friction of skin against skin, the shift of appearances that fuels fantasy. All the Right Motions has the smooth, urbane surface of a high-powered lawyer who has just exited his styling salon. In fact, that's what this tape is about: lawyers. More specifically, divorce lawyers. Lawyers take a lot of heat in the world these days, but producer Jerry Ross has managed to make a superbly erotic video about them. Kudos to Eric Price as Lee, the center of the sex storm, who manages to exude stylish arrogance. Whether he has a blonde in his lap, impaling her throat with his huge cock while he talks on the phone, or he's simply ogling his brick-shithouse secretary (Dawn), Price sets the tone in the tape. But it's the women who give this video its erotic thrust. You'd have to have a cold lap indeed to remain unmoved by the collective charms of Tracey Adams, Keisha, Carol Cummings, and Susan Vegas. The beautiful women arrayed here are like diamonds set into brass knuckles. All the Right Motions packs an erotic wallop. The perfect tape for someone just beginning to investigate erotic video.

All Star

No director credited (Digital Playground DVD)

Starring Rocki Roads, Sadie Sexton, Bonita Saint, Rebecca Lord, Lora Belle, Envy, Alex Sanders, Vince Vouyer, Mr. Marcus, Eric Leroi, Cristian Tod, and Steven Jagger

Sanders and crew are a bunch of studly good old boys out for a studly good old time—ain't that a stretch?—which naturally means pussy, and plenty of it. Things get off to a promising start with Sanders taking a virgin trip up Rocki Roads's Hershey highway, riding her ass like a '74 Sportster. Sadie is sexy in a very porno-looking way, and her scene is solid fucking and sucking, again in a very porno way. The very last scene with tasty French pastry Rebecca Lord and Mr. Marcus is indeed a hot one. This disc includes multi-angle technology (it's apparently the first porno shot exclusively for DVD), cast bios, photo gallery, and a short, occasionally funny bloopers reel.


Directed by Jim Enright (Wicked)

Starring Stacy Valentine, Sindee Coxx, Alexandra Silk, Lexi Erickson, Alex Sanders, Mickey G., Jonathan Morgan, and Jim Enright

In this modest but satisfyingly sexy tape, Valentine plays a master jewel thief who, with her partner in crime Alex Sanders, is trying to steal a valuable diamond called the Allure. They're captured, and Sanders turns to the straight and narrow, becoming a security expert and joining forces with the cop who caught him, Mickey G. They've designed a system to guard the Allure, which Valentine is still trying to steal. The tape is in the standard, five-scene format, with the requisite girl/girl and threesome. Lexi Erickson is a very pretty blonde with natural breasts who gobbles Mickey G.'s cock quite ably before taking his load on her face. Alexandra Silk is the anal sex recipient, taking a DP from Sanders and Mickey

G. Allure is a worthwhile venture, full of pretty girls, skilled direction, and enticing close-ups.

Amazing Sex Talk

Directed by Marco, Phillip Mond, Kris Kramski, Jace Rocker, Brad Armstrong, and Greg Steele (Metro)

Starring Nikki Tyler, Misty Rain, Gina LaMarca, Stacy Valentine, Anais Nielsen, Liza Rose Harper, Brittany Andrews, Cindy Starlight, Kelly Jean, Flower, Peter North, Jonathan Morgan, Jon Severini, Mark Davis, Gerald Sky, K. T. Joe, Paul Cox, Jack Hammer, and Rick O'Shea

Nikki Tyler hosts this video magazine, which features unrelated and decidedly unamazing clips by different directors. Tyler, a Penthouse Pet and former Vivid girl, has seen better days. She comes off as blowzy and ditzy, especially in her scene with a giggly Misty Rain. They sit on a blanket on the grass and make inane small talk before having an awkward-looking sex scene that features flavored love gels (one of them is watermelon flavored, which leads Rain to tell Tyler, "You taste like a Jolly Rancher"). The only reason to get this tape is for Tyler's wonderful sex scene with Peter North. She shows off her excellent cocksucking technique and is rewarded with a facial, which appears to be her first. The come shot is photographed in super slo-mo, and North's blast unfurls like the silk parachute trailing behind a skydiver.

American Nymphette

Directed by Jerome Tanner (Legend)

Starring Sky, Gwen Summers, Jewel De'Nyle, Miko Lee, Mark Davis, Evan Stone, Sophie Evans, John Strong, Kristina Black, and Chris Charming

While a little on the low-rent side, American Nymphette does have a few things going for it. The best of those things is the sexual performance by Sky, who, in this story of a small-town girl who's never given head, shows off her great talent for oral sex. In fact, American Nymphette is a fellatio fan's delight. Miko Lee does a bang-up job swallowing the uncut member of Mark Davis in their coupling. Another astounding get-together, either the result of true sexual expertise or some judicious editing, finds sultry Jewel De'Nyle getting pronged by Chris Charming, a thick-dicked cross between Rob Halford and John Waters, who actually comes twice. Along the way we get some politically incorrect dialogue about bulimia, girls sucking dick to get ahead, homage to Traci Lords, Margaret Thatcher, and George Burns, and a below-the-belt swipe at gang-bang queen Houston. Strictly B-level, but the sex is good.

American Nymphette 3

Directed by Jerome Tanner (Legend)

Starring Bridgette Kerkove, Gwen Summers, Briana Banks, Zoë Young, Kiki D'Aire, Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Joel Lawrence, Dale DaBone, Frank Buckwid, and Dillion Day

It's not surprising that über-slut Bridgette Kerkove was tagged to play the lead in this tape, given its title's incredible similarity to the bulk of her professional career. And it's not surprising that she does a bang-up job here either. In fact, she gets banged up every hole she's got. The basic premise finds Summers telling her boyfriend what a total nymphette her buddy Kerkove is, with each story illustrated by a sex scene. Kerkove's screen time provides the most combustible heat (and all that great anal action she's famous for), but Summers's scene at the end of the tape is an eyeful too. The tech work here is slightly ham-fisted, but if you take a chance you'll get plenty of what it is you rent porn tapes for.

America's Raunchiest Home Videos, Vols. 1–7

No directors listed (Zane)

Starring various uncredited amateurs

If this is what the girls next door look like on the West Coast, no wonder everyone is moving to California. Porn stud Biff Malibu is aces at sniffing out hard-body amateurs who might not want to turn pro but are proud to strut their stuff, wiggle their asses, and bounce their tits into the camcorder for a one-time shot. Like most amateur tapes, America's Raunchiest Home Videos is a catch-as-catch-can grab bag of vignettes. Some of the participants may suit your taste more than others, but you can always fast-forward in search of the suck-sister of your choice.

Anal Virgins #5

Directed by I. Didditt (New Sensations)

Starring Shay Sweet, Randee Lee, Lil' Ass, Nikki Neals, Timber, Monique, J. J. Michaels, Mickey Ray, Dave Hardman, John West, Billy Glyde, Mr. Marcus, and Julian St. Jox

This tape features six women who have nothing "virgin" about them all getting fucked in the ass. The technical quality leaves a little to be desired, as camera range never extends beyond the perimeter of a king-size bed. This is all fine, in its way, but the women are of a certain type that will take you straight to some run-of-the-mill strip club in some backwater town. Typically, a club like that will have six women on in one shift, each taking the stage for a set while the others solicit table dances. The actresses in this tape look like just such a shift: a couple of black girls, a blonde bombshell with a bad boob job, and a biker chick with large tattoos of screaming skulls. The most attractive girl in this video is definitely Shay Sweet, who is lithe and cute as a button.

Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra

Directed by Brad Armstrong (Vivid/Adam & Eve)

Starring Dyanna Lauren, Jeanna Fine, Felecia, Alex Dane, Holly Body, Stephanie Swift, Papillon, Leanna Heart, Juliette Carelton, Tatianna Cortez, Vince Vouyer, Jon Dough, Steve Drake, Peter North, Jake Steed, T. T. Boy, Mickey G., John West, and Veronica Hart

This ambitious project from Vivid Video features elephants, exotic costumes, and the considerable erotic talents of the gorgeous Dyanna Lauren, one of the most classic porn beauties you're likely to see. Lauren and Vouyer play a married couple who are stuck in a rut until Veronica Hart gives them the age-old sex manual in a curio shop; then their sex life is inspired by the wisdom of the ages. World-class cocksucker Jeanna Fine gobbles Steed to the root, and Alex Dane and Stephanie Swift double-team Steve Drake and Mickey G. Aside from a gymnastic bout with Vouyer, Lauren performs one of her trademark lesbian scenes and also takes on sultan Jon Dough. The sex is plentiful, fast-paced, and exciting, with a cast of familiar faces doing what they do best for two companies known for their upscale product. This is a real winner for couples.

Anything That Moves

Directed by John Leslie (VCA)

Starring Selena Steele, Tracey Wynn, Cassidy, Heidi Nelson, Melody Moore, Tim Lake, Randy Spears, Steve Drake, Lee Chandler, Nick E., Joel Lawrence, Tony Tedeschi, Nick Santearo, Jake Williams, Kristin Snapp, Flame, Howard Kay, Alisha Littleton, Daisy Jefferson, Al Banese, Denise Lynn Roberts, Sharon Driver, Tianna Taylor, Teri Diver, and Shauna Rose

It's hard to say who the star is here: the beautiful Selena Steele—nothing short of a human-size dynamo of erotic energy—or the cynical, tightly controlled direction of John Leslie. You already know what it's about: the plot is another sexualization of a mainstream film (in this case the Bruce Willis–Demi Moore flick Mortal Thoughts). And boy, does it sizzle.


Directed by Asia Carrera (Adam & Eve)

Starring Asia Carrera, Roxanne Hall, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Laura Palmer, Raylene, Liza Harper, Brittany Andrews, Leanna Heart, Charlie, Sindee Coxx, Avalon, Johnni Black, Holly Body, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner, Alec Metro, John Decker, and Steve Hatcher

Asia Carrera plays a young pianist trying to make a name for herself without selling out her scruples or selling her body; long-haired stud Alex Sanders plays the nice-guy artist who picks her up hitchhiking and offers to help her fulfill her dream. The action is slow to start—the first real sex scene, a six-person group fuck spotlighting Raylene, Roxanne Hall, and Laura Palmer, doesn't happen until about twenty minutes into the video—but once it does, the sex is plentiful, well photographed, and well performed. Flights of fancy take Carrera from the time of Mozart up to the present and back again, making this part period piece and part modern porn story. In addition to being the video's star, Carrera wrote and co-directed it, and she provides much of its classical piano soundtrack as well. The script, acting, and sex are all excellent, and Carrera is a helluva piano player. She can tickle our ivories anytime; after seeing Appassionata, you'll want to tickle hers.

Arabian Nights

Directed by Jim Enright (Wicked)

Starring Porsche Lynn, Sierra, Lacy Rose, Melanie Moore, Jenna Wells, Christina Dior, Sean Michaels, Jonathan Morgan, Julian St. Jox, and Steven St. Croix

When porn does costume epics, the results are more often than not laughable, but here's one with good technical values that squeaks by into the acceptable range. You'll find all the standard moves of X-rated video here, done against a backdrop of desert tents and harem pants. A triple-girl sex scene, with Porsche Lynn leading the way, is among the hottest lesbian scenes you're likely to see, and later there's an incendiary threesome with double insertion that you won't likely forget. The sex is placed before the viewer so enticingly, with every crack and crevice given warm, mellow lighting, that you ultimately won't care about the ridiculous plot and the stupid lines the actors are forced to say. Lynn, by the way, was one of the most durable actresses in adult video, and here she proves why.

As Sweet As They Come

Directed by Fred J. Lincoln (Vivid)

Starring Raylene, Nick East, Randy Spears, and Kristina St. James

Raylene and Nick East have problems in the bedroom. He wants to have sex in the dark, which prompts the pair to have a hand-clapping war to turn on and off the lights, which are hooked up to a clapper. She's never had an orgasm. Their older, wiser friends, who like to frequent swing clubs, decide to help out. Spears, his hand down Raylene's panties, makes her come in seconds. St. James teaches East how to make proper love to a woman. These lessons are so successful that new relationships with the mentors are formed. Raylene and East promise that they'll always be friends. To see how a sex scene should be shot, watch the scene in which Spears comes across Raylene in the bathtub. Lincoln focuses tightly on her face when Spears slides inside her. You can tell the exact moment he enters her by the fluttering of her half-lidded eyes. Then Lincoln zooms real close on the cock and pussy, Raylene's fat labia contracting and expanding around his big dick. Cinema magic!

Asia Is in Too Deep

Directed by Wesley Emerson (VCA)

Starring Asia Carrera, Ava Vincent, Gwen Summers, Bridgette Kerkove, Allysin Chaynes, Kaylynn, Herschel Savage, Chris Cannon, and Alec Metro

Carrera plays Janie, whose husband wishes he could get her in the sack with another woman and soon finds out why you shouldn't wish for some things—because you just might get them. Summers is the lifestyle lesbo who enters Carrera's life, among other things, much to the displeasure of Savage and her own girlfriend (Ava Vincent). Carrera serves up some solid fucking in her scenes with Savage, Summers, and pizza boy Chris Cannon, while Vincent mixes it up nicely in a sexy revenge fuck with Savage shortly thereafter. Chaynes and the usually dependable Bridgette Kerkove serve up a lukewarm lesbo lovefest that eventually includes Savage; Kaylynn and Metro appear in a scene that's supposed to take place in another porno flick. Give this one the once-over if you like Carrera, but take a pass if you're looking for something more.

Ass Artist

Directed by Chimera Chase (Seduction Productions)

Starring Mila, Alyssa Allure, Meridian, Candy Vegas, David Steele, Chris Cannon, and Brian Surewood

The producers put several warnings on the video box cover that Ass Artist is not for the faint of heart, and they aren't kidding. As video porn goes further and further "out there," certain starlets have risen to the top as the adult industry's main purveyors of strangeness and sleaze.

One such is Mila, the porno equivalent of Kafka's "Hunger Artist," who has the ability to turn her asshole inside out—a little number she calls the Anal Rosebud. She certainly puts her rectal talents to good use in this one, where she's cast as a struggling artist whose claim to fame is her ability to paint with her rectum—and in an absolutely mind-bending segment she does just that, squirting the contents of paint-filled enema bottles up her butt and then spraying it back all over a canvas. The sex is pretty pedestrian, although Mila's protracted lesbian scene with Alyssa Allure eventually turns into a dildo dipping, dirty-talking, jizz-squirting free-for-all. But this video isn't really about sex. It's about Mila, and sometimes that's even better.

Assman 4

Directed by Jean-Yves LeCastel (Anabolic)

Starring Kiki, Deborah Valentine, Bianca, Wanda, Melinda, Margarett, Natasha, Jeanette LaDouce, Judit, Szilvia, Frank Gunn, David Perry, Andrew Youngman, Leslie Taylor, and Jean-Yves LeCastel

This series of European-shot tapes, while of laughable technical and dramatic quality, has some of the filthiest, raunchiest anal scenes available. The emphasis this time out is on stretched-out, gaping sphincters and long bouts of riding the Hershey highway with little if any plot to get in the way. You won't recognize the performers, but their enthusiasm is incredible—every couple of strokes the men pull out to show off the actresses' wide-open bung holes, and sometimes the actors break into what sound like football-fan chants while they're screwing. The camera goes so far up the cavernous assholes, you can almost see the colon. At one point the cameraman gets so close, the lens gets smeared with butt sweat! Clocking in at more than two hours, this installment of Assman should keep fans of the genre happy for a long, long time.

Asswoman in Wonderland

Directed by Tiffany Mynx (Extreme Associates)

Starring Tiffany Mynx, Nina Hartley, Jessica Darlin, Stryc 9, Iroc, Chandler, Alexandra Nice, Tom Byron, Van Damage, Luciano, Jake Steed, Rob Black, Jonathan the Rabbit, and Doobie

If Bram Stoker has been an inspiration for many adult filmmakers, Lewis Carroll also deserves a plaque in porno's Poets' Corner. Of course, he would be quite aghast to see his children's tale turned into such pure debauchery as this. Tiffany Mynx—who is sort of the Willie Mays of porn, in that she can do it all—has turned to directing, and her debut is an extraordinary one. This tape is a virtually nonstop orgy of pure, raw carnality.

Mynx plays herself as the title character, attending a barbecue thrown by the gang at Extreme Associates (Tom Byron, Van Damage, and Rob Black are among the revelers). She gets woozy after taking some pain pills and passes out. When she awakens she's in the familiar blue dress of Alice in Wonderland, which naturally doesn't stay on for very long. Soon she's buck naked and being led about by a dwarf in a white rabbit suit. She is witness to sex scene after sex scene, and ends up participating in quite a few. One of them involves a dentist and his assistant (although we're not sure of the Carrollian connection there), and the dentist comes in a glass and has Mynx down it, giving a new twist to the reference "Drink Me." Then she meets Byron, who's smoking a hookah, but is not a caterpillar, and he fucks two girls dressed like flowers. A particularly strong scene finds Mynx with the Mad Hatter, who's having a "toe" party instead of a tea party. He and a similarly chapeaued cohort are getting their cocks stroked by the feet of two women. Mynx joins in for a hot scene involving fucking and toe-sucking. The last scene finds Mynx meeting the Queen of Hearts (Nina Hartley), who doesn't yell, "Off with her head," but does give head. She also helps herself to Mynx's glorious ass, licking and fondling and spanking it. Mynx then is DP'ed by two fellows (according to the box cover it's her first), and this has enabled her to wear a tiara and proclaim herself to be Asswoman. This is such a good tape that it'll find its way into your VCR numerous times.


Backseat Driver #9

Directed by Michael Adams (Toxxxic Entertainment/Metro)

Starring Amber Michaels, Lola, Bridgett, Wendy Knight, Caroline, Stryc 9, Barrett Moore, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Tyce Buné, Brick Majors, and Vince Vouyer

Fans of anal love should be pleased with the many close-ups of raging-hard cocks pounding away at the assholes of very lovely women, but if you aren't a backdoor man, this project has little else to offer, although the gorgeous girls make it worth a look. It opens with Amber Michaels, a blonde with a double-pierced clit, getting her bunghole stretched by Alex Sanders. Excellent shots of Alex's cock penetrating and completely withdrawing from Amber's tunnel, along with sequences of her sphincter contracting and expanding to accommodate his meat, add to the overall fun. Elsewhere Stryc 9 impales her dick-hungry portal on Vince Vouyer's spike; she's very enthusiastic, her tits jiggling and bouncing in unison with Vince's thrusts. He eventually shoots his sperm into her open mouth, providing a raunchy end to a very hot scene. Overall, Backseat Driver is pretty good, but not the best ass-themed fare on the market.

Bad Company

Directed by Toni English (Wave)

Starring Kylie Ireland, Felecia, Anna Malle, Tina Tyler, Alex Dane, Jake Williams, Marc Wallice, Brad Armstrong, and Colt Steele

Here's a tip for those of you who wander into the X-rated section of your video store without a clue as to what to buy or rent: if Toni English is the director, take the chance. Her work is characterized by a brashness and intensity that wakens even the most jaded critic, and will probably have that effect on you too. You'll know you're in excellent hands with Bad Company from the first scene between Kylie Ireland and Marc Wallice. There is nothing fancy about it— just a man and a woman on a hotel bed—but something about English's command of camera angles and the zest she solicits from her performers sets her tapes a cut above the rest. Ireland and Wallice play a pair of con men on the grift. Their target is a scaly casino owner, well played by Williams, played like Tony Danza's down-on-his-luck brother and oozing sleaze. He employs some women to keep him and his customers happy, especially Tina Tyler, his main squeeze. You can tell this woman enjoys sex, whether with men or women, and she doesn't let the viewer down for a second. Every sex scene in this tape is top-notch, and four of them involve more than two participants. The dialogue is certainly not on the level of The Sting, but it serves the story well enough until you reach the next scene. Again, if Toni English directs, chances are it is a superior film.


Directed by Ron Sullivan (Zane)

Starring Delilah Dawn, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Kelly Royce, Mike Horner, Natasha Skyler, Sabrina Dawn, and Victoria Paris

At 2:00 A.M., so the saying goes in bar-land, nobody is ugly. Director Ron Sullivan (a.k.a. Henri Pachard) has gone for the down-and-dirty in this broad slice-of-sleaze parody. Blonde starlet Kelly Royce is great as Inez, the bar's resident whore. "I make my living rolling drunks and sucking cock," she announces, and we get to see her do both in short order. When a wild man she has bopped over the head with a bottle has only $1.65 in change in his pockets, she becomes so enraged that she goes down on him. "Hey, Billy," she tells her partner, Billy Bad News (Joey Silvera), "I know this cock!" Also swirling in and out of the action are the big-titted Victoria Paris and Natasha Skyler. The only problem with Barflies is that Sullivan's budget pretty much limits him to one set: a fake-looking studio-style bar, all too clean and neat for the raw, visceral sex that is displayed here.

Beat the Heat

Directed by Phil Tobis (Vivid)

Starring Diedre Holland, Patricia Kennedy, Danielle Rogers, Heather Sinclair, Jennifer Stewart, Jon Dough, Lance Heywood, Randy Spears, and Ray Victory

Someone saved a bundle on Beat the Heat, a pastiche of fantasies that goes down without the benefit of synchronized sound—meaning you don't have to pay a soundman or a scriptwriter, but the final product is rendered extremely bland as a result. Diedre Holland makes her umpteenth appearance as a lifeguard at a West Coast beach, but there had better not be anyone in danger of drowning, because her mind is constantly elsewhere— among a succession of fantasy vignettes that include some really ludicrous touches, like a Valkyrie outfit in a lesbian sequence. Director Phil Tobis (a.k.a. Paul Thomas) usually churns out a well constructed product, but this one is a clinker.

Beauty and the Beast, Part 2

Directed by Phil Tobis (VCA)

Starring Tracey Adams, Chaz Vincent, Sabrina Dawn, Victoria Paris, Dizzy Blond, Rachel Ryan, Ariel Knight, John Leslie, Randy Spears, Randy West, Jon Dough, Ray Victory, and Henri Pachard


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