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How Hot Can You Get?

Sex toys in the bedroom…or “hot” cuisine from your kitchen. Home videos of you getting down…or shaving sessions on her “down there.” Intimate threesomes…or wide-open swap clubs. If you’ve never done it but can’t help thinking about it…or if you’ve done it but want to take it to the next, steamier level…depend on Penthouse to show you how, in graphic, delicious detail. Got a soft spot for erotic massage? Flexible about gender bending? Racing to combine lovemaking and exercise? Here’s advice as only the world’s foremost guide to sexual pleasure can give it…and as only the magazine’s readers have lived it. See how “smart sex” is the best sex. Only your own imagination can stop you when you sample the secrets in…


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Smooth As Silk

When I'm around, the conversation—as if given the go-ahead by my profession—very often turns to the most private aspects of sex. And so it was no surprise that a dinner guest one recent evening raised a topic rarely broached in public: pubic hair. Thick bush or silky smooth? That was the choice posed around the table.

Stephen, while slicing through his veal, was quick to answer, "I vote for a close shave." Jon, himself hirsute, was just as quick to voice the opposite taste. "There's nothing like a natural woman."

With that before us, I encouraged exploring the reasons. It's not enough to know what you like in a woman, but why.

A woman's tasteful pubic trim can be just as suggestive of good hygiene, self-esteem, and sexiness as a man's well-trimmed beard. A common psychological association is that letting her hair grow suggests a woman will also let her hair down—i.e., be freer in bed and do things that other women might not. "Yeah, like better oral sex," Jon piped up. However, one's assumptions do not always predict the way a woman will act. There are also practical benefits. Smooth skin feels good and enhances sensitivity. When a woman's naked vaginal lips rub together, she can get very aroused.

Hair tastes are cultural. Middle East tradition lets nature take its course, hairwise. Europeans are similarly famous for growing au naturel, but are also known for the most advanced methods of depilation.

Styles change over time, says Penthouse photographer Earl Miller, who notes that Penthouse's 1980s full-bush vogue has given way to the "tight, trim, and tidy" look of a V-shaped patch of hair over exposed lips, and unusual shapes like birds' wings.

"I hate those big red bumps between girls' legs that they get from shaving," said Jon. "I've gotten burned by those stubbles before," Stephen chipped in, "so I first do a touch test on a girl between the legs to find out whether my penis or chin will get scratched."

"What else can women do besides shaving?" the guys asked. They were pleased to hear about waxing, and agreed to encourage any girlfriends to do it, though they winced at my description of how it's done: Hot wax is applied to those delicate areas and then yanked off. "It stings at first, but you get used to it and the results are worth it, since the hair grows back less and softer over time," I informed them from personal experience, citing how years ago I'd gotten into trouble answering honestly when a radio caller asked me about this subject.

Jon was excited at the idea of pouring hot wax on his lady. But don't confuse sexplay with preening. Send your girlfriend to a professional. The cost (as high as $65 in a salon) is worth it.

Get erotic by talking about what shape you like. Do you want to see a triangle, or a landing strip?

Brazilian waxing removes hair around the anus as well. After this procedure, some women feel more confident spreading not only their legs but their buttocks for their man.

Another hot trend that can boost your woman's confidence is microdermabrasion. California-based cosmetician Nancy Stillwell ( says that an increasing number of women are using this new technique to get rid of ingrown hairs from shaving, plus unsightly bumps, stretch marks, and scars. "They tell me their sex lives get dramatically better," says Stillwell, who advises serums, not creams, to maintain a silkier, sexy feel.

Another new vogue: waxing for men, a process Miller says male models commonly do. But hold on to your pubes, guys; women may get off on stroking a bald head, but a bald crotch has not yet totally caught on. -Dr. Judy


I work out three days a week, and on Friday afternoons I treat myself to a massage. I used to have a masseuse named Bianca who worked part-time at the fitness center during her senior year in college. Bianca's magical fingers were so relaxing that I often fell asleep during our sessions.

The week before she was to graduate and return to her home in Texas, she was giving me a massage after my workout and shower. On this occasion those magical fingers weren't only relaxing me, they also had me highly aroused, especially as she massaged the insides of my thighs. I was quite embarrassed and a little ashamed of myself for feeling this way. I was also very thankful that there was a towel draped over my ass, so Bianca couldn't see the moisture that had formed on my pussy lips. But as her fingers moved higher up my thighs, they seemed to have a new purpose. When I felt her fingers brush against my pussy, my body jerked and I let out a surprised gasp.

"I'm sorry!" Bianca said.

"I'm not," I said. "Actually, I rather enjoyed it."

When she asked if that meant that I'd like her to continue, it seemed like an eternity before I told her that I would like that very much. Bianca removed the towel, covered my ass with oil, and proceeded to massage my ass cheeks. Then she worked on my pussy, gathering my clit between her slippery fingers. I was in heaven as those fingers pressed up inside my pussy hole. The pressure was building, and within minutes something occurred that my husband could rarely make happen: I was gushing onto Bianca's skillful digits.

When I turned over, Bianca kissed me and told me she had wanted to do that to me for a long time. When I asked if she often seduced her clients this way, Bianca said she'd never done anything of the sort before, but that I was just too beautiful to resist. She asked if I would go to her place. I quickly called my husband on my cell phone and told him I would be a little bit late.

I followed Bianca in my car to her apartment. Once in the living room, we hastily stripped off our clothes. I stood behind her and cupped her small, round breasts. I planted a series of soft kisses along her neck while I rubbed my excited nipples and pussy against her firm backside.

Bianca took me into her bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. We kissed passionately while our hands explored each other's body. After licking Bianca's nipples, I moved between her legs to taste her womanhood. I soon gathered onto my tongue the most delicious flavors of my life, made even more tantalizing as Bianca came on my waiting tongue.

Bianca got a vibrator from her dresser drawer and moved the buzzing tip of it over one of my nipples while she sucked on the other. Then she put the tip of the vibrator to my clit and held it there for a long time before pressing its length deep inside my wet, quivering pussy. That sent me overboard into sexual bliss. I came again as Bianca sucked the juices from my pussy.

We cuddled and kissed, our fingers buried deep inside each other's pussy. Bianca and I made love for more than two hours. I had to shower first before going home so my husband wouldn't detect the scent of this beautiful young woman on me.

Bianca and I have been in contact since she left town. We masturbate together over the phone and on the Internet, and we're making plans to see each other again.

D.V., Ohio


Maybe I should begin with Pat, my best friend since forever. We attended high school and college together. We got married within a year of each other, and our husbands have become good friends, playing cards and golfing together. We live about a mile apart. Our children go to the same school and often have sleepovers. Pat and I are both 34 years old, and she is the sister I never had. We can tell each other anything, and confide in each other whenever we need someone to talk to.

About two months ago my husband Dave and I wanted to take the kids to Disney World and escape the winter weather for a while. As part of my planning, I decided to buy a new swimsuit. Even after two children, I've managed to maintain my figure. Pat and I work out at the gym two or three afternoons a week while the kids play in the pool. Dave really likes it when I wear sexy lingerie or a swimsuit that turns heads at the pool, so I wanted to find something nice that he would like.

I came upon a cute little one-piece at a boutique in the mall. Its shiny metallic-red fabric fit nice and snug, like latex. The leg openings were French-cut and the front was so narrow that I would have to shave my pubic area to wear it. The only time I had ever shaved before (Dave thought it would be sexy), the razor really irritated my skin and I had a rash for a week.

So I asked Pat if she knew of anything that I could do to lessen the discomfort. She smiled and said she knew just the thing. She told me about a beauty salon that she went to a couple times a month for a bikini waxing. You'd have to know Pat, but she's about the last person I would have ever thought of having a regular bikini waxing. She's sort of the librarian or schoolgirl type. Pat dug the business card for the shop out of her purse and gave it to me. She told me to call and make an appointment with Karen, the girl whose name was written on the back of the card.

The earliest appointment I could get with Karen was the following Wednesday, two days before Dave and the kids and I were to leave for our vacation. This made me a little concerned, because I wasn't sure what I would do if the waxing didn't work.

I arrived at the shop a few minutes early. It was a small place near downtown, and in all the years I've lived here, I'd never noticed it before. They do nails, tanning, permanent makeup, and waxing. The chairs in the reception area were large and comfortable, and there was a scent of coconut in the air with lots of big plants all around and soft music on the sound system. I felt as if I were already on vacation.

A young woman came out of the back and, smiling, asked if I was Cathy. She was tall, maybe five-seven, with long brown hair that hung down past her shoulders. She was wearing a light blue smock over a white T-shirt, cut-off jeans, and sandals. I told her yes, I was Cathy, her 1 P.M. appointment. She introduced herself as Karen and ushered me behind the curtain to the back of the shop, where there were three small private rooms.

The one she led me to was not at all what I'd expected. Fearing something clinical along the lines of my gynecologist's office, I was relieved to find a cozy little chamber with dim lights and an adjustable bed covered with towels instead of paper. There were footrests at the lower end. Karen asked if this was my first waxing, and I admitted it was. She assured me there was nothing to worry about, and stepped out of the room while I undressed and put on one of the terry-cloth robes hanging on the back of the door. I changed quickly, put my clothes on a shelf, and sat on the bed waiting for Karen to return.

She knocked softly on the door and came in carrying a basket of bottles and jars. She sat on the stool by the bed and said, "Okay, let's get comfortable. The hardest part is always the first 30 seconds."

I lay back on the bed and put my feet on the footpads. Karen opened my robe a bit and fiddled with the footrests to spread my legs a little wider. There was a small lamp attached to the wall; she turned it on and aimed its light between my legs.

Karen showed me the wax in a jar that was wrapped in a towel to keep the wax warm. She let me touch the wax with my fingers and then explained how it was applied, was allowed to cool for a moment, and was then pulled off with a cloth strip, taking the hair with it in one swift motion. "It's almost painless," she said. "Relax. I was scared the first time too." She smiled and handed me a mirror so I could watch exactly what was happening.

It felt really odd having a complete stranger so close to my most personal zone while I watched what was going on in a mirror. Karen put on a pair of rubber gloves and looked up at me. "Ready?"

I nodded, too nervous to say anything. She dipped her fingers in the warm wax and started to smear a small amount on the edge of my pubic hair. She pressed a cloth strip on the waxed area, waited about 20 seconds, whispered, "Here goes," pulled off the cloth strip—and zip, the hair was gone. I heard myself gasp a little, but it was more from anticipation than anything else. It really didn't hurt much at all. I looked at my crotch with the mirror just as Karen started to put some wax on the other side to make it even. I was shocked to see that she'd taken about a third of my total triangle with the first swipe. I didn't say anything, just watched her fingers do their work. I took a deep breath and waited. The next zip was just as easy.

Looking at the mirror again, the sight of my near naked vagina was really exciting. A small strip of hair, maybe an inch wide, seemed to point to it like an arrow. "Well, what do you think?" Karen had obviously removed enough hair for me to be able to wear the bathing suit, and something about my new look gave me courage.

"A little more," I said with a smile. Karen smiled too. Two minutes later, little more than an exclamation point remained at the top of my pussy. Feeling pretty bold, I told Karen to take more.

"All of it?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "All of it."

She quickly removed the tiny remaining strip of hair, then said that there was just a little housekeeping to be done to take care of everything, adding that she thought I would really be pleased with the results. "Housekeeping" apparently means removing the hair around the anus and a few strays. This was accomplished by two quick zips, and then I was completely bald.

Just as I was about to take another look in the mirror at the final product, a phone rang in the reception area. Karen got up, removed her gloves, and said she'd be right back. She left the room, closing the door behind her. I was alone with my new "hair style," and I sat up on the bed to get a good look. Spreading my legs wide, I held the mirror close and, with trembling fingers, gently touched myself. My pussy was ultrasensitive. It tingled as I ran my fingertips across the bare skin. I marveled at how good this felt and at how wonderfully exciting everything looked, so totally exposed and sexy. I knew that Dave would love my new look as much as I did.

The feeling of my bare pussy against my hand was hypnotizing, and I guess I let my fingers linger just a little too long. I could feel a telltale wetness as, staring at the mirror, I gently tugged back and forth. I leaned forward to look more closely and, as my excitement started to build, I got a whiff of my sex. I could feel my nipples tingling, and I looked under the robe to find them puckered and hard. God, I thought, if she doesn't come back soon I'm going to make myself come. With that, there was a soft tapping on the door and Karen reentered the room.

Trying to act as if nothing were wrong, I could feel that my face was flushed. Karen didn't seem to pay any attention. She put on another pair of gloves and sat back down on the stool. She took a small bottle from the basket and turned to look at her handiwork. I'm certain that my wetness was visible, but Karen pretended not to notice, at least for a moment. She looked me right in the eye. "Now," she said, almost whispering, "this moisturizer is the best thing that you can use to keep from having any discomfort." She poured a thick drop of honey-colored liquid onto the small patch of my skin that had only a few minutes earlier been covered with tiny blonde curls. My tummy muscles tightened and I gasped quietly when the oil hit my skin.

Using just the tip of her index finger, she began to make slow little circles in the cream. The feel of her finger so close to my bare pussy almost made me gasp. Karen again looked directly into my eyes as her finger massaged my tender skin. The circles became a little larger, and she increased the pressure of her finger, all the time watching my face for any reaction. "You'll have to use this lotion every day," she murmured. I started to squirm under her touch. I tried to answer, but had long ago lost my composure. No woman had ever touched me like this before, but I was past caring. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked back into her eyes, telling Karen with my gaze that she could do anything she wanted to me. I was beyond the point of no return and powerless to stop her anyway.

Still smiling, she looked down at my pussy and applied a second finger to the massage. I spread my legs wide and shimmied toward her, trying to get her to be more aggressive. I wanted this girl to make me come. She laughed and told me to take it easy. "Your skin is really sensitive now, and you don't want to do anything to cause it pain. You have to be gentle. You have to take your time." As her fingers continued to rub lotion into my skin, I felt the tip of her thumb gently brush against the lips of my pussy. The first time, it was barely noticeable. The second time it strayed between those lips, and the third time, it slipped inside me about halfway.

My head fell back and I moaned. Karen gently advanced her thumb until it was buried inside me, and her fingers began to really work me over. She eased my legs a little farther apart with her other hand, and her fingers started to pick up speed. I pulled my robe open and grabbed my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my tiny nipples. Over the sound of my ragged breathing, I could hear Karen whisper, "Yeah, baby. That's it. That's it. Let go." Well, I had no choice. That's exactly what I did. I let go.

My hips bucked like crazy and I called her name over and over. I heard myself crying, "Oh, so sweet!" and I collapsed, quivering and moaning. With her hand still on my throbbing pussy, Karen slid the stool over and kissed me gently on the mouth. My lips parted instinctively and my tongue sought hers as we shared the loveliest, most sensual kiss of my life. I wrapped my arms around her and held on tightly as the waves of my orgasm slowly subsided.

After a few moments, hearing no sound except my own breathing, I looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Nice?" she whispered.

"Nice," was all I could say. She got up to leave the room and looked back over her shoulder. "Go ahead and get dressed," she said. "You're going to be a knockout on vacation." Oh, yes, the vacation. I had forgotten all about it.

I stood up on very shaky legs and dressed quickly. At the front of the shop, Karen stood by the counter, looking like the cat who'd licked the cream. "One bikini waxing, $21," she said.

I opened my wallet, took out a twenty and a five, and handed the money to her. "Are you allowed to take tips?" I asked.

"Only if you are 100 percent satisfied." was the young woman's smart-alecky response. I handed her two more twenties and kissed her again. She walked me to the door and unlocked it, then turned the lights back on in the darkened reception area. I now realized she had locked up when she went to answer the phone, assuring that we would have privacy. I wonder how she knew. "When you get back from vacation," she called after me, "come in for a touch-up."

All the way home I replayed in my head what had happened. I couldn't believe what I had just done. And I couldn't believe how much I'd enjoyed it. I also couldn't believe that I had every intention of making an appointment for that "touch-up" sometime soon.

There was a message on the answering machine when I got home. I was not the least bit surprised to hear that it was Pat. "Hi, Cathy, it's me," she said. "I just wanted to see how your appointment went with Karen. Did she take good care of you?" Then there was a giggle on her end. That little sneak! I can't wait to take "revenge," perhaps with a threesome. I'm hoping Karen will be willing to help me out.

C.V., Idaho


After reading the letter "Personal Touch" ("Forum," March 2004) from the woman telling of her exciting experience with her first bikini waxing, I just had to share my own exciting experience.

My best friend Desirée and I had been looking forward to our five-day winter getaway in sunny Florida. I was also looking forward to getting away from the emotional stress of the divorce I was going through.

Desi and I decided to wait until we got to Miami to buy our bathing suits. It didn't take long for Desi to find a couple of bikinis she thought we'd look good in.

Desi has a great figure, and while she was comfortable with a bikini that would leave little to the imagination, I wasn't. I have a good figure, but I'd never worn anything out in public quite that revealing. I told her this, and also that we'd have to shave our pussy hair, which was something I'd never done before and really didn't know if I even wanted to attempt it. I was surprised when Desi told me that she kept her pussy shaved all the time. She'd brought with her the essentials, and offered to shave me. I was a little reluctant at first, but then gave in and bought the bikini.

We decided to spend the remainder of the evening poolside, and went back to our room first so Desi could shave me. I was a little nervous as I undressed and sat down on the side of the bed, but at least I knew that someone with experience was going to shave me.

Lying back on the bed, I propped myself up on my elbows to watch. Desi asked if I wanted her to leave a small patch of hair or shave me completely bald like herself. Then she pulled off her shorts and panties. I immediately fell in love with Desi's clean, bald look, and told her I wanted the same for myself. She knelt down between my legs, wet my pussy hairs with a washcloth, then lathered me with shaving cream. She took a disposable razor and began removing the blonde locks of hair from my pussy.

Desi had neglected to tell me how incredibly arousing the shave would be. I found it almost impossible to lie still, especially when Desi's fingers touched me as she delicately trimmed the hairs along the edges of my pussy lips. I was a little embarrassed that Desi might see I was getting turned on.

She gave me a thorough shave that included the hairs from around my butt hole, which was quite arousing in itself. And while I absolutely adored my new look, I was really glad that the shave was over before something more embarrassing happened.

But Desi wasn't quite done yet. She squirted baby oil on my freshly shaved pussy. She gently rubbed the oil over my pussy with her fingers. That had me sitting straight up. "My God! If you keep that up, I'm going to have an accident right here," I gasped. Instead of heeding my warning, Desi began lightly rolling my blood-engorged clit through her fingers. "Desi! What are you doing?" I screamed out. I fell back onto the bed, my body twisting from side to side. Before I could say another word, I exploded into orgasm. "Oh, my God! You're making me come, Desi!" I cried out. My entire body jerked with pleasure as my pussy spewed moisture onto the bedspread beneath me.

Once I regained control of my senses, I told Desi to take off her clothes. When she did, I stared a long time at her beautiful body, in particular at her shaved pussy. I took her hands in mine. I lay back on the bed, and guided Desi down on top of me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss while our clits met in their own special kiss. We rubbed our pussies together. Soon Desi cried out that she was coming. I felt the incredible excitement of Desi bathing my pussy with her joy juice. Things got out of hand as Desi went down on me and ate my pussy. This sent me to new heights of sexual pleasure.

I turned Desi around so that her legs straddled my face. I pulled her gorgeous pink pussy to my mouth and began tasting another woman for the first time. As I gorged myself on this new and delicious treat, Desi fell forward and buried her face in my pussy. We began eating each other out in a gluttonous feast that lasted more than 20 minutes before we both collapsed in a heap, our bodies quivering for more.

Needless to say, Desi and I never made it down to the pool that evening. Instead we explored this newfound sexual wonderment late into the night. That continued for the next four days.

I'm happy to say that Desi and I have become an item, and are truly enjoying our beautiful and exciting intimate times together. It all started with that bikini pussy shave.

I sincerely hope that the writer of "Personal Touch" did get together in a threesome with her best friend and the woman from the beauty salon.—K.N., Minnesota


My boyfriend and I had been dating about six months when we decided to take a romantic five-day trip to the San Juan Islands, off Vancouver. By the second day of our stay I was feeling especially horny and decided that this would be a good time to shave my legs. I began with some steamy bathwater that I'd scented with lavender oil. After soaking for a bit and savoring the peace and quiet, I stood up to start shaving when I realized my boyfriend had been peeking through the bathroom door the whole time. As I stepped out of the tub and threw on my bathrobe, he came in, grabbed my hand, and suggested that he take over where I had left off.

He led me out onto our private deck, where I was surprised to find some hot water, a razor, shaving cream, a hand towel, and, of all things, a video camera. David picked me up in his arms and carefully positioned me on the table in front of the camera. As he removed my bathrobe, I felt the hot sun beating down on my silky skin. Then he began to smooth the creamy white foam all over my crotch. I could feel myself getting more excited with his every move.


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