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When Wild Meets Raunchy


By Penthouse International

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Wives Gone Wild



Nick and I married when I was just nineteen, after going together for nearly a year. We had sex on our tenth date, and almost every day after that. After we married, our sex life got even more active, and we did everything a man and a woman could do with each other. Most of the time we would have intercourse two to four times a day. Nick was a good lover, always giving me lots of orgasms. I thought I was about the best-fucked wife in our town. I never thought that I would end up in bed with another man before our third anniversary.

I worked as a bank teller, and Nick worked long hours in his father's business. I was required to dress nicely for work, always in a dress or a neat blouse and skirt. I liked looking sexy and being attractive to men, but I was not on the make, as I was getting miles of good hard cock at home.

On the day of my twenty-first birthday I dressed as daringly as I could, because I was supposed to go out with the girls after work, and then meet Nick for dinner afterward. Well, the girls managed to get me a little drunk as we celebrated at the local bar, and at eight o'clock they dropped me off at the restaurant where I was to meet my husband. Nick wasn't there yet, so I sat at the bar and had another drink.

I had almost finished that drink when a man sat down beside me. It was Walt, a frequent customer at the bank who I saw almost every day. He was about twenty years older than me, but quite attractive, and what with Nick being late and me feeling no pain, I was glad to see him. He bought me another drink and asked what I was up to. I told him it was my birthday and I was waiting for my husband, and Walt toasted me and said my husband was a lucky man.

Just then the bartender brought me a phone, saying there was a call for me. It was Nick. He had gone over to another town to get some parts for a job he was on, and the truck had broken down. Now it looked like he would not be able to get home until morning. He was very apologetic, but I told him it was okay; we could have our celebration dinner on the weekend.

When I told Walt that Nick couldn't make it, he insisted on buying me dinner. We ate, and had more to drink, and then ended up dancing till God knows when. I got pretty tipsy, but Walt didn't try to take advantage, and finally drove me home and dropped me off like a perfect gentleman.

The next day Walt came to my window at work and asked me how I was. I said I was fine, and thanked him for taking such good care of me. Then he asked me if I could meet him for a drink after work. I agreed, figuring that it would just be a friendly drink or two. And it was. But we talked a lot, and I found myself drawn to him. After that we started meeting frequently for drinks or for lunch. For some reason I never told Nick about these meetings. I felt a little guilty, but on the other hand we weren't doing anything but talking.

Then one Saturday when Nick was out of town, Walt made his move. We were having lunch together, and with no preamble he simply took my hand and said, "Janet, I want very much to make love to you this afternoon."

I couldn't talk. I told myself that I was surprised that this distinguished older man would want to screw me, but I must have suspected it all along. I wanted him too, but had never cheated on Nick before, and I was very scared and nervous. Still, I didn't say no.

An hour later I was at Walt's home, and he was slowly undressing me. I was feeling numb and excited at the same time. Part of me wanted Walt badly, and the other part told me this was wrong, and it could be the end of my marriage.

Walt was very slow and ever so gentle. It took nearly thirty minutes before he slid down my panties to expose the red hair at the apex of my thighs and the large pink labia guarding the entrance to my vagina. He told me that he had dreamed of doing this since the first day he had met me. Then he took off his own clothes, revealing his body to me. His cock was about the same size as Nick's, but the head was much thicker than the shaft, and it was dripping with precome.

He laid me down on the bed and mounted me, but as he placed that huge cockhead at the entrance of my pussy I involuntarily clenched up. My vagina just closed up tight, and he was unable to enter me. He kissed me and tried to relax me, but it was no use, and he got so worked up that he finally came all over the outside of my pussy. He tried three more times during the afternoon to get into me, but it was no use. I had no clue as to what was wrong with me. I was embarrassed and told Walt that I was sorry, but that probably this was a mistake and we shouldn't try it again.

When Nick got back he made love to me as usual, with no problem. The next week I went to see my doctor for my regular checkup. When I was there I told her that I'd had this cramp and had been unable to have intercourse one day. She asked if for some reason I had been scared or nervous on that occasion, and I said yes. She told me that spasmodic contractions of the vagina were not unusual in such situations. I felt a little better about what had happened, taking it as a sign that it had been wrong. But still, I couldn't get Walt out of my mind, or stop wondering about how that big cockhead would feel inside me.

A couple of weeks after that, Nick and I were at a swimming party at a friend's house, with about forty people in attendance. At one point a guy named Al, who had had too much to drink, started to come on to me. He sort of pinned me up against a wall and started kissing me and feeling me up. I saw Nick watching us, but he made no move to stop him. When Al dropped his trunks and tried to get my bottoms down, I got hold of his cock and jerked him off with just a few strokes. When he came I managed to slip away.

When we got in bed that night, Nick couldn't get enough of me. He told me that he had seen me with Al, and that it had given him the biggest hard-on of his life. He was so turned on that even after I fell asleep he still wanted to fuck me. I woke up twice during the night to find him pumping away at me.

The next morning Nick brought me breakfast in bed, and then wanted to fuck again. As he plunged his seven solid inches of hard cock in and out of my pussy, he suddenly asked me who Walt was. I froze, and asked him what he meant. He then said that while he was fucking me in my sleep, I had said, "Fuck me, Walt!" over and over.

I was horrified and finally I broke down and told Nick everything. When I finished, I couldn't believe his reaction. I had expected him to be angry and hurt, but instead he got even hornier than before. He fucked me for an hour, and ended up telling me that if I wanted to have sex with Walt, that was fine with him. In fact, he wanted me to do it, and then to come home so he could have sloppy seconds. Then, to my surprise, he told me that our friends Dan and Alice did it all the time. Alice would go out to a bar and pick up a man and get herself fucked, and then she would go home to Dan. Dan had told Nick it was the finest fucking he'd ever had.

I sat on Nick's lap that night while I called Walt to tell him that I wanted to see him the next day. He told me that he couldn't think of anything he would rather do than be with me. That night Nick fucked me for hours, he was so horny.

The next morning I douched, showered and took a soak in the tub to be sure I was fresh for Walt. I put on a yellow sundress and left my bra and panties off, though I did put a pair of panties in my purse to wear on the way home. When I left for Walt's house, Nick kissed me good-bye. His parting words were, "Get fucked good, honey. I love you."

When I got to Walt's house we had some wine and sat on the couch for a while, talking. Then all of a sudden Walt grabbed me and gave me a really hot kiss. I pulled him down on top of me and somehow got his pants open, and this time I wasn't scared or nervous, since Nick had given me his permission. Before I knew it Walt's cock was inside me. It was so hard and hot, and just so different from Nick's, it gave me a whole new feeling. I was soon on the edge of orgasm, and then I felt his cock swell up, and the warm wetness spread through my vagina. I just seemed to float on his cock as we both came.

After that we got up and moved to the bed, where Walt fucked me four more times in three hours. He told me that I was the first woman he had been with in five years, since his divorce. He said he wanted to see more of me, but didn't want to cause any trouble in my marriage. I told him not to worry about that. I said I loved my husband, but that I had just had some of the best sex of my life, and that I would be more than happy to give him all the pussy he could handle. Then I got dressed to go home, putting on the panties I had brought to keep the come from running out of me. At the door, Walt kissed me and started groping my ass. Before I knew it he had me bent over the counter, pulling aside my panties and fucking me doggie-style. When he was finished I went home to a very horny husband.

Nick was already hard when I got home, and he stayed that way until he fell asleep from exhaustion. It was the start of a new lifestyle for us. For the next four months I fucked Walt almost every day, and then I would go home to Nick and get fucked silly again. All of us were getting more sex than we'd ever had before, and were happy as pigs in shit. When Walt moved away, Nick encouraged me to find another lover, and I did. I've had a succession of men since then, but I always end up going home to my husband.

I honestly don't know anybody who has a more solid marriage. I can't imagine anyone being any happier than we are.—J.H., Phoenix, Arizona


Allison and I have been married for fourteen years. We have two children, ten and eight years old. As I have a consulting business and work out of my home, I have been the principal parent, with the help of a live-in nanny, a lovely and loving grandmother type.

For the last five years, Allison has traveled a lot in her job. She is very bright, and has a warm, outgoing personality. She also is quite passionate and sexual. When she's home, it is a rare night that we don't have sex. She likes extended foreplay, gives fantastic blowjobs, and likes to be screwed in her ass as well as her cunt. Given the responsibilities and anxieties of her job, she says that sex is the way she relaxes to go to sleep.

Allison works out regularly to keep her 36C-25-35 figure in good shape. She has dyed blonde hair, and uses makeup modestly to accent her facial features, particularly her blue eyes and full lips. She wears her skirts and dresses above the knee, and is comfortable showing her cleavage. My friends have often commented about how lucky I am to have such a sexy and vibrant wife.

Although Allison never said anything to me about having sex with others, I definitely had the idea that she was fairly promiscuous when she was away on her business trips. The reasons were several. First, in light of the way she used sex to relax when we were together, it was hard for me to imagine that she did without it when she was away for an entire business week. Secondly, when she went on her trips, she would take along the same sexy lingerie and nightgowns she regularly wore at home; and in addition to her business outfits, she usually took a selection of tight jeans, short skirts and low-cut tops. Thirdly, she would tell me not to call her after eight in the evening, as she likes to go to sleep early when she is traveling and often has early-morning meetings. It never bothered me that she was probably playing around, since the thought of my wife being a wanton slut excited me greatly. It was part of what inspired me to be a steady and good lover for her when she was home.

Then, two months ago, I received a telephone call from an old college friend named Gil, who had been at our wedding but whom I hadn't seen since then. Gil lives in the city to which my wife had gone the week before on a business trip. After the usual remarks about how long it had been since we'd talked and so on, I sensed a certain hesitancy on his part. He finally asked if Allison had mentioned that she had seen him. I said that she hadn't. He said that was probably because she hadn't recognized him—she had only met him once, at our wedding, and he had buffed up considerably since then. He then said that he didn't know how to say what he was about to say, but that he thought I should know, because it concerned my wife. When I asked him what he was talking about, he blurted out that Allison was one hot number.

After that the story tumbled out. The week before, Gil had been invited by one of his buddies to a party—in fact, an orgy—with a visiting businesswoman who his friend described as quite good-looking and sexually insatiable. It seemed that a month before, this friend had picked her up in a hotel bar, and they had spent the night together in her hotel room. She had told him that on her business trips she liked to party wildly with strangers, and they arranged to meet the next evening, with the promise that he would bring along some of his friends. Which he had, and the woman had spent that evening and the rest of the next day with him and his friends, screwing all over the place in all sorts of positions. They had fucked in cars, in a public park and in her hotel room. All in all, she had made it with eight different guys, and never seemed to tire of sex. Now she was in town again, and Gil's friend had arranged another party and was inviting Gil along.

He said that at first he didn't realize who Allison was, and when he put it together things were so far along that he couldn't back out. This party also went on for the entire night and most of the next day, but there were even more men involved. Gil and his buddy had been with her the whole time, but others had rotated in and out. He estimated that altogether she had screwed about twenty-five different guys. His friend had shot a lot of it on video.

I thanked Gil for the information and asked him to send me a copy of the video, and he said he would. I guess he was surprised that I didn't sound more upset.

The video arrived a few days later, when I happened to be home alone, and I wasted no time putting it on. It opened with a shot of Allison walking arm in arm toward the camera with two men. She was wearing a very short leather skirt and a sheer blouse, through which her breasts and nipples were visible. She had much more makeup on than usual, and was laughing. She looked like a whore.

The next shot was of Allison sitting at an outdoor cafe table, talking with some guy. She was talking about how she had enjoyed the sex they'd had, and how she was looking forward to the next several hours, when they would be joined by some other guys. She explained that she loved taking business trips, because she could be completely uninhibited and satisfy her sexual needs with whomever she wanted. She said that at home she was much more calculating about her adventures. Her husband, she said, was a good lover and a good man, but he didn't realize that over the last few years her need for sexual variety had become uncontrollable.

Her companion asked her how she got it on at home without her husband knowing, and she replied that she had a small studio apartment that he didn't know about. She then laughed and said that she paid the rent by doing some secret hooking during her lunchtime, but that at other times, and on business trips, she just gave it away. Being a prostitute was just a way to get the money she needed; her real interest was in the sex itself.

Actually, she went on, she had always been sex-crazy, though only in the last four years had it really gotten out of control. She really loved her husband, but the fact was that she had been cheating on him ever since they met. During the week before they got married, she had arranged to fuck all her previous boyfriends, thinking that marriage would end her wanton ways. But it hadn't worked out that way.

The next scene was in a large hotel room. It was very noisy, and the camera moved around a lot. There must have been fifteen men in various states of undress, and they were yelling things like, "Give it to her hard!" and "Shit, she's like a bitch in heat!" Finally the camera homed in on the bed. Allison was spread out there, with one guy pumping hard into her cunt while she gave another a blowjob, and two more guys on either side of her getting handjobs. For about an hour I watched Allison in all sorts of positions with all sorts of guys, including my old friend Gil. As one guy would finish and get off, another would mount her. She had come all over her body. That body would frequently go into spasms as she had orgasm after orgasm. After a while the scene just came to an end when the tape ran out, but the action showed no sign of stopping.

I admit I was surprised by some of the things Allison said on the tape. Although, as I said, I had suspected that she was fucking other men, I hadn't realized the extent of her promiscuity or her wildness. But still, I was more excited than upset. I decided not to say anything to Allison about it, and I haven't. She acts in the same loving way she always has when we are together. I now realize that the late hours she keeps when not traveling are probably spent fucking other guys, either for money or for free. But we still fuck nearly every night, and the only difference is that my desire for my wife is now even stronger as I thank my lucky stars for the uninhibited and insatiable slut that I married.—Name and address withheld.


My wife Amy and I read your magazine every month and often use it to spice up our sex life. But we never had any experiences which we thought were worth writing about—until Amy's thirty-fifth birthday.

Amy and I have always enjoyed wild and uninhibited sex, but until that day we had never involved anyone else in our lovemaking. We had talked many times about getting it on with other people, and Amy knew that I liked to fantasize about watching her with several men. Amy would say that she thought it would be exciting if the men were total strangers, and she had no idea who they were. But these were just fantasies, and so they remained until I decided to make them come true.

I was working on a project for my company that summer that involved being around a group of construction workers. I approached some of them with my idea, and when I showed them pictures of my wife they were quite enthusiastic. I set up the deal for the night of Amy's birthday.

We had dinner at our favorite restaurant that evening, and then went dancing at a club, where we had a few drinks and stayed until closing. On the way home we started fooling around in the car, and by the time we got there we were both hotter than firecrackers.

Once at home I stripped Amy and began to fool around with her. When I got her naked I told her that I had a surprise for her, but that she would have to trust me and go along with what I had in mind. She looked at me kind of funny, but said okay. She asked if I was going to get undressed too, but I said, "Not yet." I then blindfolded her and tied her hands behind her back. I led her out of the house and into the garage, still naked, and guided her into the front seat of my pickup. I could tell she was getting really hot. As I pulled out of the garage she asked where we were going, and I told her to wait and see—or not see. Then she asked if I had brought anything for her to wear, and when I said no, she just moaned.

A short distance from our house we came to a dirt road off the main highway, which I had explored in the past. It ran through an area of woods, and a little way along there was a small clearing which was pretty much hidden from sight. I turned in there. When I parked the truck, Amy asked me where we were, but I didn't answer her. Instead, I helped her out of the truck, untied her hands and then tied them over her head from a tree limb. At that point I reminded her of the fantasies we had talked about, and asked her if she was ready for her birthday present.

Amy was kind of shaking, but I could tell that it was with excitement. She could have backed out then and I would have called the whole thing off, but she didn't. She enthusiastically said yes.

I took out my cell phone and called Victor, one of the guys who were waiting down the road, and told him we were ready. I had showed him the spot earlier.

As Amy heard the car drive in and stop, she began to rub her legs together and moan, saying that she felt like a slut. But she wasn't complaining. Victor and three of his friends got out of the car and walked up to Amy, who was still tied and blindfolded. They immediately started making remarks about how sexy she was and how she was giving them all hard-ons. Then they began running their hands over her body, playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy, until she was panting and almost too weak to stand. Victor told her to spread her legs, which she did, and they proceeded to finger her pussy and ass. Finally they released her hands and she sank down to her knees, moaning with excitement.

Victor started things off by feeding his cock into her mouth. When they saw how eagerly she sucked on it, the guys couldn't hold back. For the next hour and a half, Victor and his three friends proceeded to use my wife in many ways. They had her lie on her back on the ground and took turns fucking her pussy. Then, to get them aroused again, they asked her to dance naked to the music from the car radio. This was awkward, since she was still blindfolded, but she did it. Then they put her on her hands and knees and fucked her two at a time, one from behind and one in her mouth. By this time Amy was out of control, moaning loudly and urging the guys on, telling them to fuck her harder, to come in her cunt and her mouth. Finally she yelled, "Oh god, someone do my ass!" Which they all did.

It was my complete fantasy come true, seeing my wife being gang-banged by four guys; and it was Amy's too, since she could not see the guys and would never know who they were.

To finish off the night they had Amy kneel as each of the guys in turn slipped his cock into her mouth and face-fucked her until he was ready to come, then pulled out and shot a load onto her face and tits.

After the guys left Amy begged me to fuck her too. I left the blindfold on as I fucked her ass, finally blowing a load I had been holding in all night. We then got back into the truck and drove home. I had to put a blanket on the seat, because she had come running out of everywhere. Once in the house, I finally took the blindfold off. Amy gave me a long, lingering kiss and thanked me for giving her the best birthday present she'd ever had.—P.F., Butte, Montana


For twenty-two years, Phyllis and I had a fairly conventional life. We raised two children who are now in college, held lucrative and interesting jobs and had a warm circle of friends and relatives. Then a year ago, the large corporation Phyllis works for as a mid-level executive asked her to take a position in New York. I had my own national consulting business, so it was possible for me to settle elsewhere as well. So we made the big move.

Phyllis was quite excited about our relocation. We both agreed that our lives had become too staid and settled. In our mid-forties, we regarded the move as a terrific adventure.

Since the children were no longer at home, we decided that it would be most convenient to buy a condominium in a downtown location near Phyllis's office. Our apartment had a wonderful view of the city and plenty of amenities, including a gymnasium. Both of us began to work out regularly. We had been in fairly good shape before, but the workouts made us feel better and healthier. Phyllis was able to lose a few extra pounds, and I definitely had better muscle tone.


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