Global Environmental Politics

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For more than twenty years, Global Environmental Politics has provided an up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased introduction to the world's most pressing environmental issues. This new edition continues this tradition while covering critical new developments in the field. Through case studies on key issues such as climate change, toxic chemicals, and biodiversity loss, the authors detail the development of major environmental regimes. With new material on the adoption of global Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; the December 2015 Paris Climate Change conference; and recent meetings of major conventions on desertification, biological diversity, and more; the authors present a comprehensive overview of contemporary international environmental politics. Global Environmental Politics is vital reading for any student wishing to understand the current state of the field and to make informed decisions about which policies might best safeguard our environment for the future.

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Praise for Prior Editions
“Global Environmental Politics is an outstanding text. Through an impressive number of well-structured comparative case studies, the authors perform the minor miracle of rendering the complex and often arcane world of international environmental diplomacy accessible and comprehensible to their readers.” —Robert Darst, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

“This is the definitive text for students seeking to understand the actors, institutions, and political dynamism of contemporary international environmental policy.” –Wil Burns, Johns Hopkins University

“An up-to-date, accessible, and engaging entry into the ever-evolving world of global environmental politics. . . . [the authors] effectively provide insights into cross-cutting themes being wrestled with by actors in global environmental politics today.” –Pia Kohler, Williams College

“The definitive textbook in its field…. Clear, up-to-date, thorough, accurate, and consistently interesting for students and teachers alike.”—Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University

“Quite simply the most comprehensive introduction to international environmental politics that currently exists. . . . This text is an essential addition to any collection.” –Choice
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