US Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century

Gulliver's Travails


By J. Martin Rochester

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The issues raised by the Iraq War are symptomatic of larger phenomena that will continue to preoccupy American foreign policy makers well into the twenty-first century. The war on terror, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, humanitarian intervention, and a litany of other concerns on the foreign policy agenda pose complex dilemmas for which there are no simple answers. Through lucid, lively analysis, as well as multiple illustrations and case studies, US Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century explores the difficult choices that confront the United States today in a complicated and often dangerous post-Cold War environment. Author J. Martin Rochester engages students in an intelligent examination of American foreign policy past, present, and future, involving them in critical thinking about how foreign policy is made, what factors affect foreign policy decisions and behavior, and how one might go about not only describing and explaining foreign policy but also evaluating it and prescribing solutions.


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J. Martin Rochester

About the Author

J. Martin Rochester is Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the author of several books and articles on international politics, organization, and law, including US Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century (Westview Press).

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