Ethnic Conflict In World Politics


By Barbara Harff

By Ted Robert Gurr

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This second edition of Ethnic Conflict in World Politics is an introduction to a new era in which civil society, states, and international actors attempt to channel ethnic challenges to world order and security into conventional politics. From Africa’s post-colonial rebellions in the 1960s and 1970s to anti-immigrant violence in the 1990s the authors survey the historical, geographic, and cultural diversity of ethnopolitical conflict. Using an analytical model to elucidate four well-chosen case studies—the Kurds, the Miskitos, the Chinese in Malaysia, and the Turks in Germany—the authors give students tools for analyzing emerging conflicts based on the demands of nationalists, indigenous peoples, and immigrant minorities throughout the world. The international community has begun to respond more quickly and constructively to these conflicts than it did to civil wars in divided Yugoslavia and genocide in Rwanda by using the emerging doctrines of proactive peacemaking and peace enforcement that are detailed in this book. Concludes by identifying five principles of international doctrine for managing conflict in ethnically diverse societies. The text is illustrated with maps, tables, and figures.


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Aug 15, 2003
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Barbara Harff

About the Author

Barbara Harff is professor of political science at the U.S. Naval Academy and the Strassler Distinguished Visiting Professor at Clark University’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Her writings on the international and comparative dimensions of massive human rights violations explore the connections between ethnic conflict and genocide, and analyze international responsibilities for restraining violence within states. Barbara Harff has been a senior consultant to the U.S. government’s State Failure Task Force. Ted Robert Gurr is distinguished professor at University of Maryland. He is an internationally known authority on the causes and management of political violence and ethnic conflict. He has been a senior consultant to the U.S. government’s State Failure Task Force.

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