You Can Live the Dream

Trading Disappointment and Discontentment for Peace, Joy and Fulfillment


By Nick Nilson

Foreword by Joel Osteen

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A National Bestseller!

Start living the life of your dreams today with the help of this inspiring guidebook from the Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church as he shows how to stop delaying and start enjoying the life you have right now.

Everyone has dreams. Usually, they look like a set of achievements: a dream house, a dream job, a dream family, a dream vacation… However, in pursuing them, we often become disgruntled and disheartened as challenges, setbacks, and opposition come our way. We get stuck focusing on what we don’t have and where we want to be.
Nick Nilson, Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church, offers a different approach to overcome these challenges: a change of perspective. What if we stopped focusing on what we lack, and instead focused on what we do have, and the possibilities our life currently offers us? What would change if you truly believed that God was in the middle of your troubles, disappointment and heartache and actually working all things out for your good!? Imagine if your dream wasn’t a destination you chased , but a mindset you chose?
You Can Live the Dream outlines how readers can harness the power of perspective in every aspect of their lives. Recognizing that you don’t have to wait to live the dream, you can live your dream now.

  • “In You Can Live the Dream, Nick shows us that you don’t have to wait for circumstances to change before you start living the abundant life Jesus offers us all. This book will stir your faith, inspire you to live your purpose, and show you how to walk by faith and not by sight. This is a message of hope we all need right now.” 
    Christine Caine, Founder A21 & Propel Women
  • “Nick Nilson's debut book is for anyone who is ready to see your potential from God’s perspective. In our struggle we always have a choice — to give up or to break through our limitations. If you've been feeling stuck, and are ready to move forward, You Can Live The Dream is a great place to start.”
    Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church and New York Times best-selling author of Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, and (Un)Qualified.
  • “In a day and age when striving is common, I am grateful for a message that gives us permission to thrive. As someone who has battled the cycle of discontentment in the past, this book is personal for me. I cannot think of anyone better than Pastor Nick to lead us into this mindset of living our dreams through the power of perspective. He shares this principle with everyone he encounters, not by the words he speaks, but simply by the life he lives. I encourage you to take the time to truly absorb the words on these pages so you can start living the dream!”

    Travis Greene. Pastor of Forward City, Recording Artist
  • “If you’re ready to stop living in self-doubt and start living your dream right now, this book is for you! Nick shows us how a simple shift in perspective can change everything, and how you don’t have to wait for some day far in the future to live your dream life, that day can be today! And in this book, he shows you how!” 
    Kamie Kern Lima, New York Times bestselling author, Believe IT & Founder, IT Cosmetics
  • “Every page in this book is a joyful invitation to a perspective changing way of life! The real-life stories, unique insights into God’s word, and practical applications to so many areas of my life kept me in it cover to cover! Nick shows us all once again that he’s a now voice for this moment in history.”
    Tauren Wells , Platinum Selling Recording Artist & Pastor
  • “In Nick Nilson's debut book we get a heavenly perspective on our earthly circumstances. No matter what we're going through we can look at the Father and see there's always a way forward with Him! You Can Live the Dream is just what you need right now to help you see with that perspective!”
    Derek Carr, 4x Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback (New Orleans Saints)
  • ”I can’t count how many times in my life that the very thing that disappointed me, was connected to an unexpected upgrade that God was preparing for me. Nick Nilson has provided a powerful practical guide that will empower you to realize a life beyond what you’ve dreamed even after a setback.”
    Toure Roberts, Author, Pastor, Entrepreneur
  • “A good book about dreaming can inspire somebody’s soul, but getting to know an actual “dreamer” is like touching a flame that ignites the soul with purpose. I believe Nick Nilson is one of those torch bearers. His faith is contagious and his hard work, focus and enthusiasm has always caused those around him to shine with hope. He is not only sharing a book here, he shares his heart and soul in this book. I know that after reading this, you’ll be fueled with a clear sense of purpose and passion!”
    Danilo Montero, Pastor, Author & Latin Billboard Award Winner & 2x Latin Grammy Nominee
  • “We have all had moments of disappointment and exhaustion when it feels like our dreams are at the other end of a long winding road. Pastor Nick’s message will transform your view. He is gifted to inspire. This book will teach you how to embrace a mindset rooted in emotional well-being so that You Can Live the Dream starting today!”
    Dr. Anita Phillips, LCSW-C, trauma therapist and author of The Garden Within

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Nick Nilson

About the Author

Nick Nilson is an Associate Pastor at America’s largest church, Lakewood Church. His authenticity and charisma help him share the hope of Jesus everywhere he goes. His work as a leader and communicator has given him the opportunity to help people to realize their full potential in every area of their life. He is happily married to his wife Summer, and they pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, where they also reside with their children, Haven, Denver and their spoiled dog Harley. 

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