The Ultimate Biography of Earth

From the Big Bang to Today!


By Nick Lund

Illustrated by Jason Ford

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The ultimate biography of the ultimate subject—planet Earth! Featuring humorous interviews, bold illustrations, cutting-edge science, and four and a half billion years of history, readers ages 10 and up will get to know the place we call home and the importance of caring for our planet well into the future! 
Here it is—the celebrity biography we didn’t know we wanted, and now can’t get enough of—the story of Earth, our fascinating little home in the solar system with all its crazy life forms and dramatic geological ages. Travel back through the eras, eons, and ages, and discover the major extinction events (sorry, dinosaurs!) the introduction of new species (hello, humans!), and how the land shifted and changed over time to become what we know today (Pangea who?)
From the chaotic Hadean eon with its huge oceans of molten rock to today’s Cenozoic era, aka the Age of Mammals, get an in-depth look at how Earth has changed in the past and how it’s changing now. Learn about the Great Oxygenation Event. Meet some of the planet’s wildest life-forms, like Megatherium—a sloth as big as an elephant—and Hallucigenia—the walking, spiky worm so named because the scientists who first discovered the fossils thought they were hallucinating. Watch the continents separate, crash together, and re-form. And catch up on the basics, like why the sky is blue and how tectonic plates create mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. 
It's the ultimate biography of the best home in the galaxy for kids who are history buffs, science buffs, or just plain curious to know more about the world around them!



  • "An entertaining and educational read, The Ultimate Biography of Earth is a delightful journey through the history of the universe with a focus on Earth and life. Highly recommend for curious children who are elementary and middle school aged."
    — YABC

    The Ultimate Biography of Earth is a treasure trove of fun facts and knowledge about our planet's history. Arranged in a clear, engaging chronological format, this book invites readers to see the Earth as a friend with a storied past—and a future worth protecting.
    — Rosemary Mosco, best-selling science writer naturalist


    By taking us back to the beginning of time, Nick Lund and Jason Ford guide us on an engaging and richly-illustrated adventure that will help kids not only understand the world around us, but our place in it. This book is so fun and contains so many engaging illustrations that most readers will not even realize how much they have learned about the world around us, and how much it has changed.
    —David Steen, wildlife scientist and author

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Nick Lund

About the Author

Nick Lund is a nature writer whose writing on birds and nature has appeared in Audubon magazine, National Parks magazine,, the Washington Post, and more. He is also the author of The Ultimate Biography of Earth. He lives in Maine with his wife and son, and works for Maine Audubon.

Lucy Rose is an illustrator and surface pattern designer that graduated from Falmouth University UK with a BA in Illustration. Currently living by the sea, she takes inspiration from nature and the botanical elements that surround her. 

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