Dinosaurs to Chickens

How Evolution Works

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By Nick Lund

Illustrated by Lucy Rose

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Kids will love this fascinating evolutionary science book, which showcases over 125 animals in 30 charts and features the most astonishing evolutions in Earth's history.

Dinosaurs to Chickens: How Evolution Works showcases over 125 animals in 30 charts that feature most astonishing evolutions in Earth's history! Track the evolution of traits from the Tyrannosaurus Rex's to the chicken, the first insect to the monarch butterfly, the giant sloth to the armadillo and many more. With full-color illustrations throughout, plus a gatefold showing how species connect and evolve via the "Tree of Life", this book makes the science of evolution an exciting and accessible topic for young readers, and will capture the fascination of kids who already love science, dinosaurs and fossils.

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Aug 20, 2024
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96 pages

Nick Lund

About the Author

Nick Lund is a nature writer whose writing on birds and nature has appeared in Audubon magazine, National Parks magazine, Slate.com, the Washington Post, and more. He is also the author of The Ultimate Biography of Earth. He lives in Maine with his wife and son, and works for Maine Audubon.

Lucy Rose is an illustrator and surface pattern designer that graduated from Falmouth University UK with a BA in Illustration. Currently living by the sea, she takes inspiration from nature and the botanical elements that surround her. 

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