The Plant Lover's Guide to Snowdrops


By Naomi Slade

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Snowdrops have a delicate, quiet beauty. Their white bell-shaped petals are striking alone and in a swath, and they are a harbinger of spring. The Plant Lover’s Guide to Snowdrops is the first book to make this group of bulbs accessible to the home gardener. It features profiles of 60 hybrids, species, and cultivars, with information on flowering time, distinguishing features, and ease of cultivation. It addition, it shows how to design with snowdrops, and how to grow and propagate them, also offering tips on where to see snowdrops in public gardens and where to buy them. Each Plant Lover’s Guide in the series is supported by lush, photo-driven design, featuring the most beloved plants and valued expertise of the gardening world in a visual, comprehensive resource.


  • “Appeals with its exploration of the origins of the plant and its history of illegal wild collection and trade.” —New York Times Book Review

    “Visual and informational candy for people who are passionate about plants.” —New York Times

    “Entertainingly written yet with plenty of depth...If you are not already addicted to snowdrops, you just may be by the end of this book.” —Garden Design Journal

    “Authoritative and well-illustrated monograph covering these winter flowers.” —Gardens Illustrated

    “Visual and informational candy for people who are passionate about plants.” —Akron Beacon Journal

    “The author is young and the text has a zesty, modern feel—almost, dare one say it, trendy.” —The Telegraph

    “Naomi Slade admits that she is in the throes of a passion for snowdrops and her sense of wonder at the beauty of this small flower infuses every chapter.” —Scottish Gardener

    “Beautifully photographed, full of good advice and very well written.” —Amateur Gardening Magazine

    “The photography is excellent and the writing both interesting and informative with enjoyable anecdotes throughout.” —The Cottage Garden Society Magazine

    “Naomi’s book is an enchanting mix of her love affair with these plants, a botanical study, potted history and guide to growing…Naomi has struck a great balance between being both informative and accessible.” —Welly Woman Blog

    “Whether you are a thoroughly obsessed galanthophile or just thinking of branching out with snowdrops for the first time, you will love reading this book, not once but over and over.” —Carolyn’s Shade Garden

    “As a source of inspiration and practical guidance, Slade’s well-written and fascinating book will prove invaluable for all things snowdrop.” —Coastal Home

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Apr 22, 2014
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Naomi Slade

Naomi Slade

About the Author

Naomi Slade is a horticultural journalist, avid gardener, and trained biologist. She has been honored in the namesake of the Galanthus reginae-olgae ‘Naomi Slade,’ bred by renowned plantsman, Joe Sharman. She blogs at 

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