Sparrow Loves Birds

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By Murry Burgess

Illustrated by Tamisha Anthony

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Meet Sparrow—a curious young birder eager to explore her neighborhood’s surroundings—in this STEM picture book written by a professional wildlife ornithologist.

Sparrow sets out for a day of birding, where she watches, listens, and identifies the many types of birds around her through their color (red—a cardinal), song (“Cheer up! Cheer up!”—a robin), and movement (flitting backward, forward, and even upside down—a hummingbird). Using her notebook and markers, Sparrow records all the birds she sees on her walk.

This interactive STEM offering is a welcome primer for young children interested in birding close to home. The back matter features an author’s note, birding tips for kids to get started, and a primer birding field guide.


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Jun 25, 2024
Page Count
40 pages

Murry Burgess

About the Author

Murry Burgess always had an interest in nature, growing up in the suburbs in Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi. One of her earliest memories is watching the hawks that would fly into her backyard and perch on the garden stakes. Her passion for animals led her to pursue a career in wildlife biology; Murry earned her PhD in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at North Carolina State University. As both a naturalist and conservationist, Murry believes that kids, whether living in urban or suburban settings, can connect with nature as there is wildlife all around us.

Tamisha Anthony has illustrated several children’s books, including There's No Place Like Hope by Janet Lawler and Most Perfect You by Jazmyn Simon. Her love of educating has led her to teach for organizations such as the New-York Historical Society and Make Art That Sells, and to write and illustrate a recurring column for Uppercase magazine. She invites you to visit her online at

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