The Book of Bluffs

How to Bluff and Win at Poker


By Mr. Matt Lessinger

Foreword by Mike Caro

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An expert poker player and columnist for Card Player magazine shows how players at every level of the game can master the art of the bluff.

Twenty years ago, Mike Caro wrote the book on what to look for in a player’s movements, gestures, and facial expressions—their “tells”—to determine if they were bluffing, and it remains one of the bestselling poker books of all time. But what Caro didn’t do was teach players how to bluff. Enter Matt Lessinger, a professional poker player and columnist, who in THE BOOK OF BLUFFS shows players how to get their opponents to fold—no matter how strong a hand they’ve been dealt. Lessinger reveals how, with the correct timing and artistry, bluffing will allow a player to win while holding an inferior hand—the very essence of poker.


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Jul 31, 2007
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Mr. Matt Lessinger

About the Author

Lessinger learned poker while working in Atlantic City casinos. He currently works as a paid poker player in one of Northern California’s most popular casinosand writes for Card Player magazine.

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