Poker Face

Mastering Body Language to Bluff, Read Tells and Win


By Judi James

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The outcome of card games rests heavily on luck, but poker is predominantly a game of skill — and a major part of that skill is the ability to read an opponent’s body language while maintaining control over your own unspoken signals. Explains each stage of lying and bluffing: James — a top body-language guru and image consultant — lays down, step by step, how to disguise your hand and unmask bluffers. By identifying body language giveaways — from posture, facial expressions, to how players hold their cards and chips — and what they reveal, we learn how to hide our emotions and give off misleading cues. Identifies four main poker “personalities”: Most players display the traits of one of four different personality groups that influence how they play poker. Their verbal interactions and body language give them away. For each personality, Poker Face reveals the key physical tells that expose bluffing and winning or losing hands.


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Sep 7, 2007
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Da Capo Press

Judi James

About the Author

Judi James is a leading TV expert in body language, relationships, social behavior, stress & time management, image, workplace culture and communication skills. Beginning her career as a catwalk model, she has since trained many big names at her modeling school, including Naomi Campbell. With a journalism and PR background, she has authored nine books on body language and social behavior, as well as numerous articles and columns for popular magazines. James lives in London.

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