V Is for Vegetables

Inspired Recipes & Techniques for Home Cooks -- from Artichokes to Zucchini


By Michael Anthony

With Dorothy Kalins

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One of America’s most highly acclaimed chefs gives us more than 150 simple recipes and techniques for imaginative vegetable cooking at home.

Gramercy Tavern’s Executive Chef Michael Anthony believes a cook’s job is to create delicious flavors and healthy meals. Written for the home cook, and featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, V is for Vegetables celebrates the act of cooking vegetables he loves. Anthony shows how unlocking the secrets of vegetables can be as simple as roasting a beet, de-knobbing a Jerusalem artichoke, peeling a gnarly celery root, slicing a bright radish, washing a handful of just-picked greens.

V is for Vegetables is personal, accessible, and beautiful. Its charming A to Z format celebrates vegetables in richly detailed illustrations, glorious food photographs, and lots of helpful how to do it techniques. Recipes include crispy composed salads, fresh herb sauces, satisfying warm gratins, vibrant stews, simple sautéed greens over a bowl of grains, and veggies with meat and fish, too.

V is for Vegetables delivers the tools to transform and conquer the vegetables in a CSA basket, from the farmers market, and even the grocery store. It is an eye-opening book for vegetarians and omnivores alike.


  • "It's big and beautiful, chock full of glossy color photography, but unlike other chef-authored cookbooks crowding the bookstore shelves these days, destined for dusty lives on coffee tables, Vegetables is one to put right on the kitchen counter, ready to get splashed with the Swiss chard shakshouka and coconut-carrot soup. . . . The recipes -- including ones for baked sweet potato fries, beet tartare and 'kale cooked quickly' -- have short ingredient lists and are very approachable for beginning cooks. At the same time, cooks who know their way around a mandoline will be just as intrigued."—Karen Tedesco, Village Voice
  • "With V is for Vegetables, the New York City chef aims to help home cooks easily capture the seasonal bounty of markets in their kitchens. This is not a cheffy tome or a vanity project. Anthony created the recipes in a home kitchen, not at Untitled or Gramercy Tavern. They're short and mostly quick, but he adds a smart technique here and a surprising ingredient there in the hopes of creating a unique but accessible result. "—Joe Yonan, The Washington Post
  • "Anthony -- who is known for his finesse with vegetables -- currently helms the kitchen at two prominent New York City restaurants: decades-old Gramercy Tavern and museum sensation Untitled.... V is for Vegetables, however, is exactly how the acclaimed chef cooks at home.... Vegetables go in the center of the plate, and the meat, if he uses any, becomes the accompaniment.... And for each vegetable, there are multiple recipes, lessons in technique, illustrations, and even 'process shots' of a recipe coming together, not just of the final dish."
  • "2015 is the year of the vegetable cookbook, and chef Michael Anthony's entry is a gift to cooks of all skill levels. A generous, unpretentious teacher, he delivers minor epiphanies like Mushroom Broth and Walnut Mashed Potatoes and sneaks in simple lessons for techniques like cooking with water, sweating onion, and washing greens."—Cooking Light
  • "The best kind of chef-written book, because it's not cheffy. Instead, Anthony offers quick, short recipes and a wealth of tips and techniques aimed to help everyday cooks get a variety of vegetables on their table."—Bonnie S. Benwick, The Washington Post
  • "At Gramercy Tavern and Untitled, chef Michael Anthony cooks up elegant, technique-driven American fare that has earned him Michelin stars and James Beard awards. But his new cookbook, "V is for Vegetables," is filled with delightfully doable recipes perfect for home cooks."—New York Post
  • "The perfect guide to the wide world of veggies."—Vogue.com
  • "Unusually special recipes for home cooks from a fine-dining chef...offering ingenious flavor and texture combinations to perk up even mainstays like broccoli and carrots."—The Seattle Times
  • "Anthony...is a natural teacher who translates his professional experience into more than 150 recipes for home cooks. Luxurious production-gorgeous photographs by Maura McEvoy and faux-vintage line drawings by Mindy Dubin-belies the book's workmanlike approach."—Erica Marcus, Newsday
  • "In this splendid tribute to vegetables, Anthony focuses on creating great flavors and healthy meals... Enticing and gorgeous, this collection showcases the best that nature has to offer."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • "The chef's reverence for farmers gives it soul."—Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, Grub Street
  • "A great veggie book."—Food Republic
  • "This book is entirely focused on the home cook, and it shows... He breaks down otherwise intimidating cooking lingo, like how to blanch vegetables or use a mandoline to cut razor thin radishes to open up a world of vegetable possibilities for readers."—Angela Carlos, The Daily Meal
  • "You'll learn to unlock the intense flavors and healthy benefits within-one beautiful vegetable at a time. This cookable and approachable book is sure to become a favorite among home cooks!"—Foodista.com
  • "You are going to want to own this book... The recipes are scrumptious, well written, and beautifully presented."—Edible Boston

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Michael Anthony

About the Author

Michael Anthony is the executive chef-partner of Gramercy Tavern, the executive chef and director of Untitled, and the author of The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. He received the James Beard Award for Best Chef in New York City in 2012. Prior to joining Gramercy Tavern in 2006, he was the executive chef of Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Dorothy Kalins is a two-time James Beard Award winner and the founding editor of Saveur magazine. She produced The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook and many other award-winning cookbooks.

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