Terrain: The Houseplant Book

An Insider’s Guide to Cultivating and Collecting the Most Sought-After Specimens


By Melissa Lowrie

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“An informative and inspiring guide to collecting and growing plants at home.”

“This book is a must-have!”
—Hilton Carter, author of Wild at HomeWild Interiors, and Wild Creations

Secrets of the Houseplant Hunters

Terrain’s plant experts travel the world in search of the most unusual and interesting houseplants. In this inspiring and practical guide, they share their favorite specimens: exotic and eclectic ferns, like the skeleton fork, a primitive (and unfussy) predecessor to the family; new aroids to feed that monstera obsession; and adventurous trailing plants like dischidia, which is found cascading from tree branches in its native Thailand; plus succulents and cacti, indoor trees, the best low-care plants, and “rule breakers” like bamboo muhly grass that can make an unexpected move indoors.

Along the way, Terrain introduces their favorite independent growers—passionate plant lovers who are creating new hybrids and bringing back old-school specimens to the market. And readers learn ​Terrain’s way of styling and overarching philosophy on care: the most important thing we can give our plants is our presence.

  • Terrain: The Houseplant Book shows us how to smash the expected and break new ground. . . . Gorgeous.”
    “An informative and inspiring guide to collecting and growing plants at home.”
    “[A] comprehensive guide to houseplants. . . . Lowrie covers all the bases, and delivers a survey that’s encyclopedic but not overwhelming.”
    Publishers Weekly

    “My journey in greenery began when I first visited Terrain back in 2011. Seeing the beauty they created, curating and designing spaces with plants, inspired me to start down the path I’m on today. Their team is among the absolute best at understanding and caring for plants, and this book is a must-have!”—Hilton Carter, author of Wild at HomeWild Interiors, and Wild Creations“In their comprehensive tome, Lowrie and the Terrain team have expertly captured not only the houseplant zeitgeist but also the heart and soul of the industry by highlighting some of the most iconic growers in the United States. Sumptuous photos—all done in the impeccable Terrain style—will have your tongue wagging and heart fluttering. Two green thumbs up!”—Summer Rayne Oakes, producer of YouTube’s Plant One on Me and author of How to Make a Plant Love You

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Oct 25, 2022
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Melissa Lowrie

About the Author

Melissa Lowrie is the divisional merchandise manager of plants and garden for Terrain. An industry leader with over twenty-five years of experience in the home and garden space, Lowrie got her start at Waterloo Gardens, a family-owned garden center in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She joined the Terrain team at its launch in 2008, and worked as a buyer, floral designer, and photo stylist for the brand prior to taking on her current role. She lives with her partner, artist and designer Wen Blankenship, and their two spotted pups, Jasper and Ru, in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. 

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