Soccer 'Cats: Kick It!


By Matt Christopher

Illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos

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After Alan accidentally kicks his teammate Eddie during a game, he not only has problems kicking but also has to endure teasing by another fullback.



Illustrations copyright © 2003 by Daniel Vasconcellos

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First eBook Edition: December 2009

ISBN: 978-0-316-09467-2

Soccer 'Cats Team Roster

Lou Barnes Striker
Jerry Dinh Striker
Stookie Norris Striker
Dewey London Halfback
Bundy Neel Halfback
Amanda Caler Halfback
Brant Davis Fullback
Lisa Gaddy Fullback
Ted Gaddy Fullback
Alan Minter Fullback
Bucky Pinter Goalie


Jason Shearer

Dale Tuget

Roy Boswick

Edith "Eddie" Sweeny

Chapter 1



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Dec 19, 2009
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64 pages

Matt Christopher

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Matt Christopher is the best-selling name behind more than 100 sports-themed books for young readers.

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