The Healing Art of Qi Gong

Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Master


By Master Hong Liu

By Paul Perry

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Dr. Liu describes how he risked his life under the Communist regime in China to study Qi Gong and meet secretly with a master who lived in a mountain cave above Shanghai.

If there is one concept that comes up in all forms of Chinese medicine it is that of Qi, or vital energy. Qi is the very backbone of the Chinese healing arts. It refers to the energy of the universe that is channeled from nature and runs through all of us. To have Qi is to be alive, while to have none is to be dead.

Qi Gong relies on the manipulation of this vital energy, and Qi Gong masters can see this energy. This book explores the basics of Qi Gong to create a guide for greater health, the Chinese way.


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Dec 21, 2008
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Master Hong Liu

About the Author

Hong Liu, known to most as “Master Hong” has been a Grandmaster of Qi Gong (the highest attainable level of training) for the last 35 years. While he first began his healing studies in Western medicine in Shanghai, China, Master Hong discovered that there was so much more to healing than what he had learned in school. Therefore he trained with three of China’s most well known and powerful Qi Gong masters. Prior to his arrival in the United States, his clients included high-ranking Chinese officials, the Chinese Olympic Swimming and Diving teams and Asia’s biggest celebrities.

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