From the Gutter to the Runway Tantalizing Tips from a Furry Fashionista


By Mark Welsh

By Rubin Toledo

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Hilarious, entertaining, and delightful, Sweetie is a stunning book of wisdom from Elle magazine's favorite furry fashionista.

Sweetie established her biting wit and discerning taste on all things in fashion as the back page columnist for Elle magazine. Now, the self-appointed answer to every woman's prayers has compiled a book which tells readers about her rise from the gutter to the runway and offers advice, tips, and wry commentary on topics such as diet, exercise, art, hair, accessories, and travel. The book is filled with four-color photos by Elle magazine's leading fashion photographers, illustrations by acclaimed fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo, and of course, Sweetie's incomparable wit. This is no ordinary self-help and beauty guide, especially when Sweetie's philosophy on dating and romance includes gems of advice like, "The best way to get over a man is to get under another one", and "Men will say anything to get into your kennel".


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May 30, 2009
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Mark Welsh

About the Author

Sweetie lives in New York City.

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