More than two dozen half‑hour guided drawing sessions for kids and adults that tap into the powerfully positive impact of drawing for kids and the whole familyfrom the author of the national bestseller You Can Draw in 30 Days

In March 2020, Mark Kistler received a call that his son's school was going virtual for the remainder of the school year. While many others believed that the COVID-19 pandemic would last a handful of weeks, Mark began preparing for a year, a possibly two, of full or partial shutdown. With his special abilities son, Mario, he began holding weekly livestreams, leading half hour drawing sessions for what became hundreds of thousands of kids over two months. These half hours of pencil power gave kids and their parents a much-needed break from the chaos of the pandemic, providing them with a stress-relieving, creative outlet. Now, Mark brings readers these lessons in an accessible, fun follow up book to his bestsellers You Can Draw in 30 Days and You Can Draw in 30 Minutes.

Harnessing the life inspiring and transformative power of the visual arts, Half Hour of Pencil Power brings together parents, educators, and the kids they care for thirty original, step-by-step drawing lessons, from a mouse in a hole to a ninja squirrel, all of which can be done in a half hour or less. Drawing is the perfect way for kids and caregivers to have fun together, release stress, and find a creative outlet, and art is one of the best ways to decrease loneliness, build self-esteem, and increase creativity. Among the drawing exercises, Kistler shares his own stories about how adults in his life encouraged his creativity–and how parents can do so with their own kids. The drawing lessons are accessible, imaginative, and oodles of fun for everyone.

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