The World's Greatest Book

The Story of How the Bible Came to Be


General editor Lawrence H. Schiffman, PhD

General editor Jerry Pattengale, PhD

Created by Museum of the Bible Books

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Welcome to the fascinating story of how we got the world’s greatest book — the Bible.

It is a captivating story that includes a little bit of everything: adventure and violence, mystery and bravery, and dumb luck or divine intervention — depending on your point of view.

How in the world did we get this book that some people swear by and other people swear at? You don’t have to be a skeptic to have a grocery list of questions about the formation of the Bible, such as:

  • Who wrote these documents and when?
  • How were these ancient writings transmitted through the ages?
  • As scribes made copies of copies, didn’t they make mistakes that caused the ancient writings to be changed and corrupted?
  • How was it decided which writings would be included in the Bible?
  • What are the Dead Sea Scrolls, and why are archaeological finds like these such a big deal?

Devoted people dedicated their lives throughout time to put this unique book into the hands of people worldwide. Retrace the passion and intrigue behind the Bible’s creation.


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