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International social media star and fitness sensation Krissy Cela presents a practical, 360-degree guide to being a strong woman — inside and out.

No one knows better than Krissy Cela: if you want to change your life, you have to do it for you. Now, Krissy Cela brings her mantra, which spurs on her legions of followers on both her mega-popular social media pages and Tone & Sculpt app, to the page, helping women transform themselves physically and mentally. This full, easy-to-use guide will help readers attain more than just fitness — it will bring you confidence too. Do This For You offers a full range of transformation, focusing on three core categories:
  • Physical Strength: Krissy busts through misinformation about weight lifting and strength training for women, helping women find the fitness routine that works for them, no matter what fitness level they are at.
  • Mental Fitness: Krissy helps women overcome the mental barriers to fitness. She’ll share all the questions she is asked about maintaining a fitness routine: how to remain consistent; how to do that 1% extra to improve each day; how to keep going when motivation lags. Ultimately, she shares her perspective that exercise and fitness aren’t optional, they are a way of life.
  • Mental health: Krissy’s message is all about finding balance and using health as a foundation for all-around wellbeing. Her no-nonsense approach encourages readers to look after their bodies while maintaining a healthy, body-positive attitude towards exercise and diet.
In Do This For You Krissy helps women take health into their own and find a lifestyle that is empowering, and strengthening both physically and mentally.

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