Eleanor Amplified and the Trouble with Mind Control


By John Sheehan

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Based on the popular children's podcast, follow Eleanor Amplified as she teams up with middle school reporter Miku to get the scoop and save the day!

Join world-renowned investigative reporter Eleanor Amplified as she goes undercover to help a student reporter and fan, Miku Tangeroa, expose the corruption at her middle school. Together they discover that the new organic lunch program and tech-based learning systems are doing more harm than good and might actually be part of an evil plot that might put all of Union City in danger. Can Eleanor, Miku, and their friends get to the bottom of these suspicious events in time? Just who is behind SmartFüdz and the Mesmerosin Extractor? Will Eleanor survive the hallways—and students—of Brighton Middle School? Find out in the latest adventure of Eleanor Amplified!

With radio-drama like action, outrageous villains, and a tough, intelligent female protagonist to boot, readers follow Eleanor and Miku as they foil devious plots and outwit crafty villains, all in pursuit of the big story. Written by John Sheehan, the creator of the popular podcast Eleanor Amplified, this entertaining and informative book, like the podcast, is intended to spark laughter and conversation, while preparing kids to appreciate journalism and make smart media choices in the future. With the help of Eleanor and Miku, readers can use this novel as inspiration to go out and find the next big scoop for themselves!

  • "Eleanor is the perfect hero for our time. She's fought a nefarious internet mega-company on its way to taking over the earth and beyond, and now she's helping her 7th grade protégé stand up to cliques and uncover a middle school mystery. Eleanor is a fearless investigative radio reporter who solves mysteries, unmasks villains, and foils their schemes. Make sure to check out the Eleanor Amplified podcast, if you haven't already. Tune in for the adventure and the fantastic cast and sound design. Stay to hear the Fresh Air team voicing the crowd scenes."
    Terry Gross, Fresh Air with Terry Gross
  • "This is an energetic novel with plenty of valuable commentary about the dangers of data mining and excessive technology use wrapped in an entertaining mystery…. A solid story with an important message."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "The ending leaves space for the launch of a new series that fans of middle grade ­mystery and of the eponymous podcast where ­Eleanor Amplified originated will enjoy."


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John Sheehan

About the Author

John Sheehan is (mostly) from Rochester, NY. He came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University, loved the city and never left. After college, playing in rock bands wasn't paying his rent so he began working odd jobs at Philadelphia's public radio station, WHYY. In 2008, he was hired to work on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and it changed his life. While working on the show, he became a husband and then a father. Shortly after his first daughter was born, he had the idea to start a kids' podcast, Eleanor Amplified.

Ira Khroniuk is a Netherlands based illustrator and pattern designer. Using both traditional and digital media, ​she loves to create happy, colorful illustrations, friendly characters, and botanical patterns. Ira has worked for prominent clients around the world on projects ranging from editorial illustration, advertising, and product packaging to interior design, retail graphics, and textiles.​ ​Outside of her professional life, Ira is a bit of a science geek, fascinated by space, curious about how things work, passionate about books, movies, and food. She currently resides in the beautifully rainy Utrecht, Netherlands, with her husband and dog. 

WHYY is the leading public media organization in the Philadelphia region, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond. They produce more than a dozen local programs, such as Fresh Air with Terry Gross, The Pulse, and Radio Times. They are also the local PBS and NPR member station, bringing you long-time favorite programs, such as Antiques Roadshow, Morning Edition, and more.

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