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The Choice Point

The Scientifically Proven Method to Push Past Mental Walls and Achieve Your Goals

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A scientifically proven method to overcome obstacles and make choices that lead us closer to our goals.


What do weight gain, poor employee engagement, and climate change all have in common? All three are persistent problems for which solutions are known and readily available. Yet, on an individual and collective level, we continually make choices that lead us not closer to but further away from our stated objectives. Whether we choose the burger and fries over the salad, top-down management over collaboration, or leniency over rigor in combatting climate change, it all comes down to the same thing.

The Choice Point. The moment at which we each choose to take an action that we know will undermine our success, but we do it anyway.

The Choice Point explains how we experience thousands of thoughts every day: 80 percent are negative, while only 5 percent are new thoughts. We make most of our decisions within two seconds, using mental autopilot systems that we’ve built through years of experiences, and some of our thoughts (like quitting during a challenge) can compromise our goals.

But there’s a strategy to change this: Functional Imagery Training (FIT).

FIT teaches us how to pick the thoughts that deserve our attention, and how to stop the other, negative thoughts from impacting our actions. Through FIT, we can pause decisions that would typically conflict with our goals, lengthen our Choice Point, and go from passenger to driver of our own minds.

Initially developed in 2005 by academics in the UK and Australia, with formal principles emerging through research in 2018, FIT blends motivational interviewing with imagery into a user-friendly model so we can learn, adapt, and adjust our behavior to go beyond what we think is possible.

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