Now revised & updated with the latest in positive psychology,​ New York Times bestselling author, Joan Borysenko, PhD, brings you a powerful collection of spiritual practices to help you create miracles every day of the year.

In this exquisite little volume, acclaimed healer Joan Borysenko offers a unique, organic means of drawing personal strength and spiritual succor from the wondrous cycles of nature. Drawing on the ancient wisdom at the core of the world's religions, the guidance of the four great Archangels that stand at the gates of the Medicine Wheel, and her own deep mystical experience, she has divided the book into twelve inspiring monthly sections. Each reflects such emotionally significant themes as Forgiveness, Rebirth in Love, and Spiritual Healing. And each provides daily meditations, prayers, and affirmations that help you let go of fear and realize the light of peace and compassion that dwells throughout the universe… and within your own heart.

What's Inside

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